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Glorious Summoner Chapter 108

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Yizhou’s Subduing Demon Guard has been reorganized, but Tang State Wind has sent most of the summoners of the newly formed Yizhou Subduing Demon Guard to Qianlong mountain range to eliminate those For the monsters hidden in the mountain range, 87 Legion’s troops are strictly guarded in front of Space Cracks near the cities and plains in Yizhou Province. There are not many summoners stationed in Xinchuan City, the provincial capital...

87 Legion’s troops garrisoned at Space Crack in the city’s defenses basically did not consider that they would encounter such a large-scale demon assault, so they collapsed so quickly and suffered heavy casualties. If Tang State had known before the wind, Demon Eyes could be produced. With nuclear weapons, the summoners deployed in the defense troops stationed in Xinchuan City will definitely not be so few, and the focus of the Subduing Demon Guard will not be completely placed on the monsters in Qingjiao Mountain.

It is precisely because no one expected that many phantom monsters and monsters would emerge from Space Crack, which caused this disaster and defeat...

What is going wrong?

It was the clues and information that Man Ziyi found was not complete enough, so he didn't report to the Order Committee? Or is there a problem with the intelligence response within the Order Committee, which has not attracted enough attention and been ignored? Or is there a problem with the communication between the Order Committee and the Military Control Committee?

These problems, for the current Xia Pingan, are no longer traceable.

"Your brother's job is very competent and has never disappointed. I am very sorry for your brother's experience!" Xia Pingan said to Man Zijin.

"One of our two brothers joined the Order Committee and the other joined the army. We are engaged in dangerous work. In serving the country, we have already put our life and death out of the picture. My brother just lost contact. I only hope that he will be in good luck. ......" Man Zijin said to Xia Pingan, and then Xia Pingan asked, "Is the priest Xia going to stay in Xinchuan to fight?"

"Why ask this question?"

"Because I want to stay here and continue fighting!" Man Zijin's eyes flashed, and he said firmly.

This question and answer made Xia Pingan didn’t expect. At this time, I don’t know how many people want to escape from Xinchuan, but Man Zijin wants to stay. The 87 Legion Flame Dragon commando members have some choices It was beyond his expectation.


"Why do you want to stay?"

"I want to avenge my comrades-in-arms and brothers, is this reason enough?"

"This The reason is enough, but are you sure you don’t leave? If you leave here, you will be able to reunite with other troops, and it will be safer!"

"Priest Summer, do you think the 87 Legion system still e

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