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Glorious Summoner Chapter 112

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Xia Pingan came at the right time.

Just as the demon fire spider was about to rush to the barracks where the two warriors were holding on, Xia Pingan approached from the side, but pointed at the demon fire spider, a small and cute Black Tortoise came out.

Black Tortoise moved towards the magic fire spider flew over, and the magic fire spider became an ice sculpture covered with hoarfrost.

At the same time, Xia Pingan waved his hand, and summon sent out two elite slave soldiers. The elite slave soldiers from summon shot out their guns. The two magic rats that had just rushed to the soldiers’ houses Was nailed to the ground.

The two soldiers were already desperate when they saw the Demon Fire Spider, but didn't expect there was a rescuer. It was a desperate situation.

Seeing that the magic fire spider was frozen, and then seeing two guns that instantly killed the two rushing magic rats to the ground, the two fighters knew that a summoner was coming. Then they saw Xia Pingan rush out.

The battle was not over yet, Xia Pingan rushed directly to the remaining two magic fire spiders, and the slave soldiers from his summon rushed to the other magic rats.

Two spider silks with a line of fire flew from a distance, like two swiftly burning fuse, trying to entangle Xia Pingan.

Xia Pingan's figure jumped up in the running, as agile as an antelope jumping in thorns, the whole figure turned over in the air, just from the two flames of spider silk Passed through the gap, and as soon as it landed, a cute Black Tortoise came out by Xia Pingan summon.

The Black Tortoise is treading black waves under its feet, like a black elf, flying directly to the head of the nearest magic fire spider, just a bite...

The black water vapor melted by Black Tortoise's body covered the magic fire spider, the flame on the magic fire spider disappeared instantly, and the whole body suddenly condensed into hoarfrost.

Because I don’t know how many of these big spiders will come out tonight, the few Black Tortoises that Xia Pingan prepared for summon in the secret mandala before were all based on the 36-point divine force summon. Mini Black Tortoise. Although the basic version of the Mini Black Tortoise has a single ability, the advantage is that it will not be wasted. A Black Tortoise can destroy an enemy on call.

And the elite slave soldiers from Xia Pingan summon, at this time, three rounds of shots were thrown, and six magic rats were killed without any suspense.

The remaining two magic rats saw that the situation was far from good, turned around and ran, the two elite slave soldiers pulled out the spears on their backs again, and moved towards the two magic rats chased after them. .

These monsters are all wise, knowing that they are invincible, will run away.

The last remaining Demon Fire S

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