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Glorious Summoner Chapter 107

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Xia Pingan put away the magic liquid spider that was killed by Black Tortoise, detoured back, excited and shocked in her heart.

Didn't expect that the Sacred Beast summon obtained by Dayu's control of the water is so simple to kill the magic liquid spider.

Black Tortoise is water, and its symbolic meaning includes Nether, Rengui, Zhide, etc. Black Tortoise is also the head of the water god, which can make evil monster become terror-stricken at the news, didn't expect So powerful.

Xia Pingan felt that it was too expensive before the 36 points of divine force, but seeing the effect, Xia Pingan felt that these 36 points of divine force were too worthwhile.

At the moment, in the secret mandala of Xia Pingan, the divine force at 89 o'clock is only 53 o'clock left.

People were moving quickly in the woods. Xia Pingan took a moment to take a look at the secret mandala. In the secret mandala, the bodies of the five magic rats and liquid spiders in the Space Warehouse were not used. He worried, the two farmers who guarded the Space Warehouse and the pill room were already dealing with it.

The two farmers opened the heads of the magic rats and the magic liquid spiders and checked whether there were any world beads in their heads. After finding that there were no world beads, the two farmers carried the magic rats to Pill room, and then back to Space Warehouse, take out the internal organs, brains and parts of the Avatar body organs of the magic liquid spider, and send them to the pill room in a container.

Xia Pingan originally thought about the farmer and Medicine Pill Master in the secret mandala. I wonder if I can cut the body of the magic liquid spider whose shell is as hard as iron. Yes, the two farmers took the two clay pots taken out from the pill room. The liquid in the clay pot was poured on the body of the magic liquid spider. The hard shell of the magic liquid spider softened more than half, and then they were cut by someone. .

And when Xia Pingan was looking at the secret mandala, the Cangjie Cangsheng in the temple, but the self-proclaimed summon produced a Medicine Pill Master.

Medicine Pill Master from the new summon, after the baptism of the golden word mountain, the wisdom of the attribute of the whole person has also increased by 5 points, becoming 66 points, and the other attributes have not changed.

The Medicine Pill Master from the new summon, after saluting the three emperors in the temple, left the temple and went to the pill room.

After the divine force of 53 points consumes 12 points, it becomes 41 points again.

Cangjie summoned 2 farmers out again, Xia Pingan in ones heart trembled, divine force was consumed too fast, the divine force of 41 points became 31 points again in the blink of an eye.

However, the farmer who came out of Cangjie's summon th

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