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Glorious Summoner Chapter 111

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Xia Pingan hid in the air duct, watching the huge spider nest and countless spider eggs, but her heart sank.

The space below is really too big. Whether his current divine force can summon the Fireball Technique, or the elite slave soldiers, he can’t clean up the things below. It can only clean up very A very small part does not have much effect, and it will beat the grass to scare the snake.

Because Xia Pingan saw seven or eight magic fire spiders patrolling in the nest.

The requiem banner can hold a requiem for the corpses here, and use the corpse technique to take away the corpses here, but it will not help, because there are more big spiders outside, even if you can control these The corpses cannot take these corpses away.

Xia Pingan looked at it for a while, then climbed back down the air duct and returned to the building.

There are also two refuges of the same level in the urban area. Xia Pingan, who returned to the building, quietly left the building and continued to explore.

After consuming three elite slave soldiers to divert some of the magic fire spiders and liquid spiders in the way, Xia Pingan also used the same method to climb into the other two super large refuges. Take a look.

Fortunately, one of the other two super large underground refuges is occupied by magic rats. There are a lot of magic rats hidden in the refuge, but there is no fear here. The other underground refuge is There are also some magic fire spiders, but those magic fire spiders did not lay eggs, but regarded the refuge as an ordinary underground nest.

While searching for the second refuge, Xia Pingan passed by the City Gymnasium. With a move in his heart, he ran directly to the residential area where he had stayed before, and saw that his pickup truck actually stopped there. There was only some dust in the original parking space, and the vehicle was not damaged at all. Xia Pingan directly received his pickup in the Space Warehouse.

The size of the pickup is smaller than a magic fire spider, and it is easy to receive it in the Space Warehouse.

Before dawn, Xia Pingan exited the city and returned to the meeting point with Manzijin.

These days, in addition to the base of the special logistics department, the two of them found two places to stay outside the city. The place where they gathered this time was a bus hub outside the city. Inside the station.

The hub station is full of buses. Some buses have been burned to the point where only one shell is left, and some buses have broken windows. The iron door of the hub station is tilted to one side because it is everywhere. They are all vehicle iron skins and cold mechanical equipment. Those magic rats and big spiders are not interested in these things, so there are much fewer magic rats and big spiders wandering here than in other places.

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