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Glorious Summoner Chapter 100

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On the evening of October 27th, at Xianghe Airport...

A large military transport plane of the Great Yan Nation Army, Kunpeng, was parked on the apron with a gray paint. On the board, we are ready to take off.

Kunpeng is the world’s largest transport aircraft. There is no one. The Kunpeng parked on the tarmac, from the ground, is as high as the 6-Layer building and has an 88-meter-long fuselage. It has to grow a few meters of huge wings, covering the entire apron and the grass around the apron.

For military use, Kunpeng can drop soldiers of one regiment at a time.

In Xianghe City, there are about 1,800 people who have priority to evacuate with Xia Ning tonight. Everyone is carrying salutes and boarding from the open tail compartment of Kunpeng. Many people are here to say goodbye to their loved ones. .

When boarding the plane, the salute that each person can carry shall not exceed 50kg.

Xia Ning hugged Xia Pingan and cried with rustling sound.

Among the more than 1,800 people, there are officials, rich people, some scientists and researchers, military affiliation...

The identity of the person who boarded the plane is very complicated, the face Xia Pingan knows Not many, but I remember that a few faces often appeared on the television and media in Xianghe City before. At this moment, those faces were also mixed in the crowd, and some were panicked and reluctant to board the plane.

At this time, how to get the tickets to enter the doom bunker can only show divine ability. Xia Pingan can only control Xia Ning now. As for others, he can't control that many for the time being.

Xia Pingan gently touched Xia Ning’s head and glanced at the sky. The moon came out, it was still a blood moon, and the whole sky was strangely dark red. In Xianghe City, there was a roar of cannonballs faintly. The explosion sounded, and soldiers were stationed around the airport.

"When you get there, take care of yourself, don't worry about me, you know?" Xia Pingan told Xia Ning.

Xia Ning raised her eyes that were already red and swollen from crying, "Brother, I know, when will you come to me..."

"I am a summoner, if you want to go I can go anytime, and I also have the ability to protect myself!" Xia Pingan laughed, "It's just that I still can't live without it. By the way, did you buy the things that you asked you to buy?"

"Buy It weighs 30kg, and there are some jewelry in the suitcase!" Xia Ning whispered.

What Xia Ning said was gold. After Xia Pingan paid him 10 million last time, before the big change, as early as July, Xia Pingan asked her to take the money and buy 30kg of gold early. And some gold jewelry.

As ordinary people, buying gold in troubled times is an eternal truth.

Sure enough, by August, gold in gold shops everywhere is no longer easy to buy, and the price of

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