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Glorious Summoner Chapter 103

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Xia Pingan's heart felt a little cold when she saw 87 Legion's logistics department.

In the faint red light field of vision, only the wreckage of a small propeller plane was left on the small airport outside the logistics department. Originally, there were many small private planes and helicopters parked here. Now Those planes were gone, indicating that the logistics department was not evacuated in a hurry, and most of the planes left.

The wreckage of the small propeller plane left behind indicates that there have been magic fire spiders here and experienced battles.

A military fuel depot near here was also burnt to darkness, leaving only residue on the ground.

Several houses that were originally used as hangars also collapsed and collapsed. The barbed wire fences outside the small airport have been destroyed. The exteriors of several seemingly intact buildings are patchy. Many Marks of gun holes can be seen everywhere.

There are two pits neither too big nor too small on the runway, and you can see the wreckage of two demon rats that were killed...

In this case, there are still Will there be Divine Strength Pill?

Xia Pingan is also not sure.

However, the building of the 4-Layer building where the warehouse of the special logistics department is located generally looks good.

Xia Pingan crossed the fence and ran towards the 4-Layer building.

Downstairs of that building is a firearms warehouse. The thick iron door of the warehouse is still locked and has not been completely destroyed.

I came here in the past, and every time I received Divine Strength Pill, I was in an office and warehouse with a safe on the second floor of this building.

I just entered the building. In the middle, Xia Pingan heard some movement on the second floor of the building. He swept to the second floor with remote viewing, and was immediately surprised because he saw it on the second floor of the building. There are two magic rats hovering upstairs.

A magic rat gnawed the door of a room on the second floor. Under the scratch of the magic rat, the wooden door quickly shattered, exposing a big hole. A magic rat stared at Scarlet, turning around on the aisle on the second floor.

Xia Pingan moved towards the office warehouse that had previously received Divine Strength Pill. The steel protective door of the warehouse was still tightly closed. I don’t know if the people here forgot before retreating. What's more, the key on the steel protective door is still inserted in the door lock...

Use the remote viewing ability moved towards to look around, within a radius of 500 meters, there are no magic rats and magic Things like fire spiders.

Xia Pingan made up his mind all at once.

He scanned the first floor and immediately came to a fire cabinet, smashed the glass outside the fire cab

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