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Glorious Summoner Chapter 106

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Perhaps the name of the priest Xia Pingan Legion is too loud.

Perhaps Xia Pingan's ability to slay the Demon Rat with a single blow made the warriors extremely confident in him.

In short, when Xia Pingan asked those people to run east and handed over the invading monsters behind him, all the soldiers quickly evacuated. No one was worried about whether Xia Pingan could deal with the monsters that came after. The rat and the magic liquid spider.

Xia Pingan took the initiative to move towards the other four magic rats and rushed over.

The magic rat is a wise creature. Seeing that Xia Pingan a killing blade had one of his own companions, the remaining four magic rats did not chase those who fled, but suddenly Surrounded Xia Pingan.

A magic mouse was lying on the ground, and mucus dripped from its sharp teeth. The magic mouse was constantly walking around, staring at Xia Pingan with blood-red eyes.

Xia Pingan felt that these four magic rats seemed to be waiting for the arrival of the magic liquid spider behind, how could he make these magic rats wishful, and the magic rats would not attack him actively, then he would Take the initiative.

Xia Pingan moved towards the magic mouse in front of him swooped, but his figure shook, the magic mouse in front felt that Xia Pingan moved towards pounced, and then quickly backed away and hid On one side, the other three magic rats moved towards Xia Pingan's left and right sides and back and swooped over.

Especially the demon rat behind Xia Pingan, whose body is more than two meters long suddenly jumped from the ground and bit directly into Xia Pingan's neck.

But Xia Pingan’s forward pounce is just a fake action to confuse the magic mouse. It not only scares the magic mouse in front, but also attracts the three magic mice next to it, the one behind. When the mouse turned and lunged, Xia Pingan's body had also turned around.

Xia Pingan is like eyes behind him. The person hasn’t turned around yet. The long knife in his hand makes a beautiful 180-degree slash. The magic rat has only time to scream and scream. He was once again cut from the neck by the long knife in Xia Pingan's hand.

At the moment when the long knife was retracted, Xia Pingan moved towards the ground, like a nail, leaning against the ground and rushing from the left to attack his lower body. His body was nailed to the ground.

Xia Pingan supported her body with a knife in one hand, and her whole body traversed in the air, avoiding the attack of the magic rat rushing from the right, and then fiercely moved towards with her right foot and trampled down, One foot stepped on the head of another magic mouse.

The powerful power erupted from Xia Pingan's body directly slammed the head of the magic rat into the earth.

Just a face-to-face, one magic mouse was once again be

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