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Glorious Summoner Chapter 102

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Consciousness returned to the brain again. Xia Pingan opened her eyes and found herself lying on the floor, her body pressed against a piece of brick ruins and building materials from the collapsed roof of the upper floor. , Was completely buried in this pile of rubble.

In his hand, he also holds a rocket launcher that has been launched.

The roar in her ears is gone, Xia Pingan's consciousness is still stuck in the scene when the tank downstairs raised its barrel and fired at her place last night.

I just used a rocket launcher to kill a magic fire spider, and then a tank turned from the corner of the street, and then aimed at the small building where I was. It was a shot.

The 125mm tank main artillery blasted the walls and collapsed the entire roof. Xia Pingan was lifted by the blast of air, and then immediately afterwards, it was buried by the collapsed building debris upstairs.

For the entire 87Legion.

Yesterday was a nightmare day.

It was a bloody battle!

Xia Pingan doesn't know how many people from 87 Legion have successfully withdrawn from Xinchuan after a bloody day.

The combination of the ghost of the phantom monster and the magic mouse and the magic fire spider, the magic liquid spider, overnight, tore all 87 Legion troops stationed in Xinchuan City to pieces.

Yes, 87 Legion was completely defeated and defeated. The last Legion order everyone received was an order from Legion Command to cover the evacuation of citizens, and then even Legion Command lost contact.

87Legion can face the magic mouse, can face the magic fire spider, but cannot face the ghost of the phantom monster.

Because everyone didn't expect from Space Crack There will be a demon running out in the middle, 87 Legion is completely unprepared. The latter, for 87 Legion, it is an undead monster. Not only can it be undead, once the monster of the phantom gets close to it, it will fall into a terrifying illusion. In the middle, people can no longer distinguish what is reality and what is illusion, and will attack the people around them under the control of the phantom monster.

The warrior possessed by the ghost of the phantom will kill people around him under the control of the ghost of the phantom.

Even if the possessed person can be killed, it will not help, because the possessed phantom monster will look for the next possessed object and continue to drag the next object into the illusion. Among them, attacking the companions around him.

It was in this situation that 87 Legion collapsed. The Legion headquarters issued an order to cover the retreat of Xinchuan citizens from the city and had to abandon Xinchuan City.

From the early morning of the 28th to the evening of the 29th, in less than a day, Xinchuan City fell, the headquarters of 87Legion was lost, the entire command syst

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