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Glorious Summoner Chapter 105

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Divine Pill at the beginning?

Does this name mean Divine Strength Pill of primary level?

Xia Pingan, who learned about the effect of Divine Pill for the first time, was not disappointed, but overjoyed.

Even if an initial Divine Pill can only recover 5 points of divine force, it is not a lot, and 5 points of divine force can save lives at critical moments.

More importantly, Xia Pingan saw the hope that she could persist in fighting space invading creatures.

I provide two magic rats, and then you can get 10 strong body pills and 1 first Divine Pill. That is to say, as long as you kill one magic mouse by yourself, you can get 5 strong pills. The body pill and half of the first Divine Pill, in terms of conversion, is that you can get 2.5 divine force by killing 1 demon mouse, and with your current strength, you can kill the demon mouse without relying on the Summoning Spell method.

For a summoner, as long as the divine force can be replenished, the battle for energy will continue.

We have to look at the effect of Divine Pill at the beginning.

Xia Pingan thought, he wanted to take out the wooden box containing the original Divine Pill from the Space Warehouse, but he thoughts move, and it was the original Divine Pill that appeared in Xia Pingan’s hands. , And unable to take out the wooden box.

At the same time, there is more information in Xia Pingan's consciousness—the wooden box is something in the secret mandala, and it cannot be brought out from the secret mandala, only to enter the secret mandala from this World Only the things inside can be brought out from the secret mandala.


Xia Pingan took a look at the Divine Pill in her hand. At that time, Divine Pill and Level 1 Divine Strength Pill were similar in color and smell, but slightly lighter.

Xia Pingan swallowed the first Divine Pill in one gulp, and it felt like eating Divine Strength Pill. At the beginning, Divine Pill turned into a sweet liquid as soon as the mouth fell down, and then, the secret mandala 5 divine force light clusters condensed again in the temple of Mojing.

Xia Pingan's divine force has recovered to 89 points.

This effect is exactly the same as the Level 1 Divine Strength Pill.

Is the Medicine Pill Master from summon in the secret mandala used in this way? In conjunction with Cangjie, a pill room and warehouse are opened in the secret mandala. Only the Medicine Pill Master who is out of the secret mandala can be used continuously. Convert the monsters killed by the summoner into Divine Strength Pill that can keep the summoner in battle.

If the Cangjie Boundary Pearl cannot be integrated, the Medicine Pill Master from summon can only be summoned to the reality to refine the medicine pill. That way, there will be more inconveniences.

A powerful summoner can ori

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