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Glorious Summoner Chapter 101

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After bidding farewell to Old Zhou Anqing and the others, Xia Pingan drove the car directly and returned to Xinchuan overnight.

This car has been changed to very awesome and Xia Pingan can’t even recognize it. The seat in the driver’s cab is like a sofa, very comfortable and well-wrapped. The curb is more than 20 cm high on the side of the road. With the bumpy roads, the six wheels on the car passed, the suspension of the car bounced a few times, and the car passed steadily without even feeling the fluctuations.

This car ran on the highway, the fastest speed was more than 200, the six wheels gripped the ground steadily and powerfully, it was like a large steel plate stuck to the ground and drifting.

There are very few vehicles on the expressway. Xia Pingan drove this six-wheeled pickup truck, and it took only two hours to return to Xinchuan from Xianghe.

Xia Pingan left Xinchuan for only a few hours before and after, and everything was fine in Xinchuan.

Only at night, you can still hear the sound of guns and explosions from the two permanent Space Cracks in the city, and there are waves of fire on the ground in those two places from time to time. Like a fire star in the dark night, it illuminates the sky in bursts.

In the earliest days, the sound of guns and explosions from inside and outside the city made it difficult for people to adapt. It felt like they were on the battlefield, but slowly, Xia Pingan got used to it.

He still lives in the semifinished product room that hasn’t been renovated. Legion also equipped Xia Pingan with two guards, but the two guards stayed by Xia Pingan half a month After that, Xia Pingan was busy working back and forth between the stadium and the residence at two points and one line every day. It basically means that everyday all lives in the barracks. There is no need to have two people around to protect themselves. After Xia Pingan and Tang State reacted, Just as the troops were short of people everywhere, the guards beside him were transferred away.

There was a power outage in the room again, but fortunately there was water, Xia Pingan took a cold shower and fell asleep with gunfire on her pillow.

Sleeping to three o'clock in the middle of the night, Xia Pingan was suddenly awakened by an unprecedented heart palpitations.

The feeling of palpitations was so strong that it made people have one's hair stand on end, so that Xia Pingan, who was still asleep, woke up in a cold sweat in just a few seconds.

Xia Pingan, who woke up, panted, touched the sweat on his forehead, and immediately came to the window and looked towards the window.

I saw the night outside the window like blood, the sound of guns in the city was still ringing, the feeling of heart palpitations and danger came from the permanent Space Crack in the center of Xinchuan City

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