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Glorious Summoner Chapter 104

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The Cangjie who came to the center of the temple only gave a salute to Suirenshi, Youchao and Shennong, and the others nodded to Dayu, and then it was in the eyes of everyone, including Xia In Pingan's attention, stride proudly ahead, long sleeves fluttering, stride out of the temple, and came to the outside of the temple...

Xia Pingan didn't know what Cangjie wanted to do.

Cangjie walked around the village in the ink painting, and then came to a large wood house covering almost an acre of land, took out the jade cone in his hand, and it was in that wood. The word "repository" is written on the door of the house.

The word "reservoir" bloomed with golden light, and the wood house immediately flashed with golden light, suddenly becoming tall and solemn.

Almost at the same time, Xia Pingan had something more in his consciousness. He felt and knew that there was a Space Warehouse in his secret mandala, and he knew it all at once. how to use!

Yes, the place where the word "repository" is written will be your Space Warehouse in the future, and you can store your actual things here.

Space equipment?

It is actually space equipment?

Cangjie just wrote two words on the building, and the wood house became his own space equipment.

Cangjie holding the jade cone did not stop!

After writing the "reservoir", he went to the village near the valley and the creek, and wrote "pill" on the door of a stone house with a yard. Room "Two words.

The pen fell out, and in the golden light flashing, the stone house became alive. In the stone house, there were more medicine rollers, medicine mortars, medicine pots, and pill furnaces.

Xia Pingan was dumbfounded.

Like the "repository", after Cangjie wrote these two words, Xia Pingan's consciousness suddenly added something and content to create something from nothing. Those content told Xia Pingan, the function of this pill room is to refine medicine pill, as long as the corpses or medicine ingredients of those space-invading creatures are put into the "repository", the Level 1 Medicine Pill Master he summoned in the secret mandala, A Level 1 medicine pill can be refined.

For example, Level 1 Divine Strength Pill! It is refined using the corpses of invading creatures such as magic fire spiders and magic liquid spiders. The Medicine Pill Master can extract the divine force in the bodies of these space invading creatures into medicine pill through the refinement method.

These changes in Cangjie and Secret Mandala were completely unexpected by Xia Pingan, which is a real surprise.

This is not over yet. After writing the words "pill room", Cangjie returned directly to the temple, standing on the altar in the middle of the temple, moving towards Shennong with the jade cone in his hand Relief a finger.

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