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Glorious Summoner Chapter 55

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Monday, June 17, 2019, May 15th in the lunar calendar, tonight is the day of the full moon, and it is also the favorite and most anticipated day of each month for summoners.

Every month comes this evening, the secret altar gathered by summoners is like an empty wine bottle, and half of the divine force will automatically recover.

Even if the divine force is completely consumed and nothing is done, just wait two months for the divine force to recover.

For summoners of the National Order Council, today is the time to pay monthly salaries and benefits.

In the headquarters building of the Xianghe City State Order Committee, it’s been a long time since there was such a relaxed atmosphere today.

Early in the morning, in Mo Yanshao’s office, there were three more fresh faces.

Two men and one woman. One of the two men is a little older. He looks more than 50 years old. His hair is a bit gray, but his temperament is elegant and he wears gold glasses. He is a charming middle- Aged uncle, another man in his thirties, sharp and cold, with a hideous tattoo on his neck.

As for the woman, she has glamorous fiery-red hair, an angel's face, a devil's body, and her temperament is as hot as fire. She is wearing a long dress customized for top Italian women's clothing.

None of the three men in the room smoked, but the red-haired woman was sitting on the sofa with her legs up, with a woman’s cigarette in her hand. She looked like an overbearing woman. President, some bullshit.

"Director, I heard that there are newcomers in our special operations department, the gods and fire world beads are perfectly integrated, and they have mastered the requiem flag..." The middle-aged uncle and the middle-aged uncle with elegant temperament said nothing. Then, she touched her silver hair with emotion, "The youngster is amazing now, I feel a little old..."

"You are old!" The red-haired lady spit out The smoke ring in his mouth glanced at the elegant man and said ruthless, "That Little Brat has no girlfriend yet, just leave it to me..."

Looking at the three in front of me. A colleague who returned to the Special Operations Department, indifferent, could only helplessly rub his nose and said to the woman, "Nana, didn't you mean to find a man during this holiday to have a vigorous relationship? Why, I haven’t found your true love yet?"

"The men in this world are all blind. I have been walking outside alone for a month, but there is no such kind of man who dares to come over and start a conversation. Every one of those men saw me like soft-footed shrimp and quail, and I was not interested when I saw it..." the woman said disdainfully.

"The man is not blind, but he instinctively knows to avoid danger and does not want to a lamb in a tiger's den..." Another silent man glanced at the red-haired woman and sai

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