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Glorious Summoner Chapter 54

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At noon on Sunday, Qian Lan carried a box and came to the apartment building where Xia Pingan and Xia Ning lived...

Just entered the building. When she went down the hall, she saw a Brat rolling on the floor in the lobby, crying loudly, cheating with an aunt, "Grandma, I want to eat... I want to eat this... such a fragrant taste... It's here again... Grandma I want to eat..."

The aunt complained with helplessness to the security guard in the mail room in the lobby, "Really, who made this soup again on weekends, and always took my The little grandson and the greedy insects are all hooked out, and we are going to have a fight..."

The uncle of the security guard in the mail room stuck his head out of the window, sniffed, swallowed his saliva, "It feels like It seems that someone upstairs is boiling, how can there be such a fragrant soup, come here every few weeks, it’s really terrible..."

"Yes, this soup is so fragrant, I don’t know who it is. Home is simmering..." The grandmother looked at her grandson distressedly, "Last time I knocked on the door from door to door and said I wanted some soup for my grandson, no one opened the door for me..."

Qian Lan also smelled that scent, a very special scent, which makes people feel appetite. The scent is drifting in this unit building. It seems to be floating down the stairs, and it seems to be from Floating in from outside.

"Girl, who are you looking for?" The uncle security guard in the mailroom looked up and saw a beautiful girl in a long skirt walking to the lobby with a box, and out of duty, she spoke Asked.

"I am Xia Pingan's friend, come to him..." Qian Lan replied.

"Oh, Xia Pingan, live on the top floor and go up the stairs!" The security guard in the mail room said.

"Okay, thank you!" Qian Lan naturally knew which house Xia Pingan lived in.

Qian Lan started going upstairs along the stairs. When she reached the top of the stairs, she heard the uncle security and the old grandma whispering behind her.

"Finally, a girl came to find the young man of Xia Pingan. I thought Xia Pingan was going to be a bachelor for a lifetime..."

"This girl looks pretty. Why would you like that Xia Pingan, that is a car repairer who is honest and responsible and has no money..." The old lady also murmured.

Listening to the discussion between the uncle and the aunt downstairs, Qian Lan looked strange.

Is actually the first girl who came here to find Xia Pingan?

Xia Pingan honestly has no money?

Let’s not say the previous sentence true or false, but the latter sentence, the couple who lost 500,000 yuan and still had to eat their cell will definitely disagree.

The more you go up, the stronger the fragrance reverberates in the unit building, the fragrance is mellow, strong, and fresh, it seems to have the taste of seafood, and it

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