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Glorious Summoner Chapter 57

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Seeing the slaves being escorted up, the gorgeously dressed nobles around the venue stopped talking, looking towards the slaves that were escorted up, and commented there. .

A middle-aged nobleman looked up at the sun in the sky, said softly, and gestured to the soldiers around him.

Some entourages took out the incense, inserted it on the ground, and lit it. The nobles began to kneel on the ground and pray to the lighted incense.

After that, someone took out a copperware and sprinkled some of the vegetation ashes in the copperware around the open area, delineating a range on the ground.

Then, a witch dressed like a god, covered with multi-colored feathers, holding a wooden pole tied with a multi-colored cloth strip, began to appear there. A great god jumped up in the clearing, both feet were switched on the ground, turned upside down, mutter incantations in the mouth, and from time to time he held the wooden pole in his hand moved towards and swung around...

After the jump, the witch ended up, and those nobles were nodded.

"The auspicious hour is here, the festival is on!"

As this voice appeared, the more than a dozen slaves who were escorted up cried and struggled.

"Mother, I'm afraid, I'm afraid..." The little girl in the slave exclaimed, desperately trying to hide in her mother's arms.

An elderly slave with gray hair, crying, put another little boy in his arms, covered the little boy’s eyes with one hand, and several slaves were there. Struggling.

But those slave struggles are useless.

The soldiers holding them pressed all the adults to kneel on the ground, stepped on their feet, raised their big swords, and one after another's head was chopped off, one after another with fear , The painful head rolled to the ground.

The blood of the adults whose heads were chopped off was splashed on the children's bodies, and on their faces, those children were scared to cry, and some were scared and fainted.

"mother, mother..." The little slave girl watched the body of the mother who had lost her head collapsed. She was sitting in a pool of blood, her eyes dull, just mother, mother yelled and wanted to go Grabbing mother's head...

The blood of the old slave holding the little boy dripped from the little boy's head and stained the little boy into a blood man.


Even in the world beads, even if you already know what will happen, but witnessing this inhuman scene with her own eyes, Xia Pingan still couldn't bear to close her eyes.

In slave society, this kind of thing is very common.

If Xia Pingan is to find the two cruelest Chinese characters in the history of China where the slave system exists, these two Chinese characters are "foundation."

In this era, whenever the slave masters want to build a new high-rise Chinese palace palace mansion, they wi

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