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Glorious Summoner Chapter 53

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"Huh, I'm finally home..."

At five o'clock in the evening on Friday, the two siblings, Xia Pingan and Xia Ning, each carried two luggages Box, walked up from downstairs, and stood again at the entrance of the rental house.

The two of them just went to the supermarket together, bought four sturdy suitcases in the supermarket, and then drove two cars back to the community. One car couldn’t fit four suitcases. .

The suitcase is not heavy, but it is too large to handle.

Because I was about to move, I didn’t have enough luggage at home, so Xia Pingan made an appointment with Xia Ning this afternoon to buy some.

Xia Pingan took the two largest ones herself, Xia Ning took two smaller ones, and the two siblings each carried two suitcases from the gate of the community and climbed to the top of the building. Xia Pingan was fine. Xia Ning was already shaking her sore arm, her eyebrows curled into a ball.

"Brother, I'm dead. If we want to move, we really need to buy a car, or we should move some money out of Old Brother's housing fund, like just now, with these few It’s not easy to take a taxi with suitcases. We have to move half of the time to move things. It’s expensive to invite someone to move and it’s not worth it..."

"Well, let’s take a look at the car on the weekend..." Xia Pingan With that, he took out the key and opened the door.

"Really?" Xia Ning stared wide-eyed suddenly, looking very excited.

"Well, really!" Xia Pingan nodded.

You need a car to move, and you also need a car to go to the headquarters. More importantly, in the face of a larger-scale space invasion that does not know when it will come, if there are some extreme situations, there will be a car. It will also be more convenient when you take Xia Ning on the road.

When I got the 500,000 yuan yesterday, Xia Pingan was already thinking about buying a car.

Two siblings entered the house!

The room is a little messy, and many things have been turned over in a mess, even more messy than the last time the two siblings came back.

But fortunately, although the things are a bit messy, there is no damage. Just clean up.

"You pack your things, I'll go to the kitchen to make dinner first!" Putting down the suitcase, Xia Pingan said to Xia Ning.

"Okay!" Xia Ning agreed.

The two siblings are busy each other.

Although the things in the house are a bit messy, when I think that I can eat the fragrant pot soup from Xia Pingan tomorrow, Xia Ning’s gluttons are hooked out again and start to pack the things in the house. Come.

And Xia Pingan is busy in the kitchen.

Take out things like sea cucumber, mushrooms, abalone, shark fin, chicken, prawns, and vegetables, and start to work in the kitchen.

These things have been kept in the refrigerator for a week, intact, and you can eat them.

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