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Glorious Summoner Chapter 56

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"The success rate of this slave bead is very high. The summoner of the overwhelming majority can be successfully integrated with this bead, and it will not take long. You can find it this morning Time to fuse it!"

"Okay, I will go back to fuse in a while!" Xia Pingan actually wants to open that box now to see what the so-called slavery world bead is. , But he suppressed his idea.

Indifferent words are nodded, and continue to explain to Xia Pingan, "Today is the 15th of the lunar calendar, which is a good day for summoners. Wait until the evening, before the moonrise, remember to put your divine force at least It consumes half and converts it into a spell and stores it in the secret mandala. Otherwise, it’s wasted. There is nothing else to do. By the way, a few colleagues from the Special Operations Department are back. You haven’t seen it before. Remember to go to the restaurant at noon. Get to know!"

"Okay, I'll go out first if there is nothing wrong!"

When Xia Pingan walked to the door, Mo Yanshao reminded him again.

"Remember to get your salary card and this month’s Divine Strength Pill from the finance department. You were paid at Level 1 last month. This month you officially become a summoner, and you will be calculated based on the basic salary at Level 2! "

"What is the basic salary for Level 2?"

"99,000 yuan per month!"

one after another month ninety-nine, one The annual salary is more than one million, didn't expect to become a summoner and the annual salary is over one million so easy!

It always makes people happy to hear about salary increases.

Xia Pingan took the box of the slave soldier world beads in her hand, left the indifferent office, and went directly to the financial room.

Sister Lu in the finance room rarely took care of her bonsai today, and instead sat behind a desk.

"Sister Lu is good..."

"Peace, long time no see...", seeing Xia Pingan coming in, Sister Lu gave it to Xia Pingan directly The envelope, there is also a fist sized wooden box, "Your salary card and salary slip are in the envelope. This pill box contains the Level 1 Divine Strength Pill you received this month. This Level 1 Divine Strength Pill can supplement you Divine force at 20 o’clock, you can eat it when you go back, come here to sign!"

Xia Pingan took the pen and put his name on a form.

"Ping An, you performed well. Just one month after joining the company, you made more than 7 million yuan..." Sister Lu praised Xia Pingan.

More than 7 million?

Xia Pingan froze for a while, and then smiled, "Sister Lu, are you kidding me? My Level 1 basic salary is 69,000 yuan. Director Mo said that my salary was only adjusted this month. Level 2!"

"Yes, your Level 1 salary is 69,000 yuan, but didn’t you go to the provincial department to perform a special mission last mon

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