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Glorious Summoner Chapter 125

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"...This is the situation in Xinchuan City. After the battle that night, a large number of monsters emerged from the Space Crack in Xinchuan City. The situation did not completely improve, so I followed Guo Wei and the others return here first, ready to see the situation. In the current situation, the strength of a person is still too weak to change the overall situation. Those monsters know that unity is strength and can act in groups. Naturally, we humans cannot be inferior to those monsters!"

Xia Pingan introduced her own situation during this period.

The place where the four people were chatting and talking was right next to a stone table in the yard of the barracks. There was a big tree beside the stone table. The tree fell all over the ground, and it was already bleak, but the four who met But we talked in a frenzy.

After hearing what Xia Pingan said, Tu Polu, Li Yunzhou and Fang Lingshan glanced at each other. In the eyes of the three people, they were full of surprises. They all didn't expect it, but it was not in such a short time. See Xia Pingan, Xia Pingan has experienced so much and changed so much.

Don’t say anything else, it’s just that Xia Pingan’s ability to destroy the three monster lairs in Xinchuan City is amazing.

The number of monsters killed by Xia Pingan is probably already unimaginable.

What is even more unexpected is that Xia Pingan has actually mastered the divine symbol...

"You mastered the divine symbol and opened up the Space Warehouse in the secret mandala?" Li Yunzhou Eyes widened, looking at Xia Pingan, stammering asked, "Can you still make rune bullets?"

"What are you so surprised about? I thought you already knew it!" looked at the three people. Xia Pingan rubbed his face, "I used the divine symbol in Gao Family that time. Many people have seen it..."

"Damn, we didn't It’s very magical from the outside, who knows what secret technique you use, this kind of inquiries about other summoner secret techniques is a taboo in summoner, secret mandala, secret mandala, how is it called a mandala if it is not a secret? , Don't you tell me how do we know?" Li Yunzhou cried.

One party doesn't know what the secret technique the other party is using. The other party thinks that the other party should know it if he uses it. Both sides think so, and they have a small oolong.

"You said that your Space Warehouse can hold that many bombs and the corpses of those big spiders?" Fang Lingshan's face is also a bit strange. Looking at Xia Pingan's eyes is like looking at a monster. The number of cloud bomb thermobaric bombs that can completely destroy the three largest underground refuges in Xinchuan City is scary after thinking about it. It is not possible to do ten or eight.

Tu Polu’s big hand held his unshaven chin, hesitated, "As far as I know, other summone

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