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Glorious Summoner Chapter 121

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"I remembered that the summoner was named Xia Pingan. It was the Legion priest of 87 Legion. He was also from the Committee of Order..." The fatter summoner looked at Xia Pingan’s back and fiercely. A pat on his head.

"Xia Pingan, I have heard the name, and I heard that his requiem is very powerful..." The thinner summoner asked with a look of astonishment, and seemed to remember it all at once." Didn’t he leave?”

“When the 87 Legion’s evacuation order was issued that night, the Subduing Demon Guard’s summoners stationed in Xinchuan City were all left behind. After sniping the ghost of the Phantom Monster, Xia Pingan should have done it. He stayed, didn’t expect him to be so strong?” That fatty said with emotion, “Do you see the Summoning Spell method he used to kill the three big spiders just now? It seems to be some kind of powerful Water Element greeting spell. , It will have a freezing effect on those big spiders..."

"And he killed the three phantom monsters with a pistol..."

" His pistol should contain rune bullets, otherwise it is impossible to kill the ghost of the phantom..." That fatty is definitely nodded.

"Can this divine pill really restore the divine force?" The thinner summoner held the medicine pill in his hand in confusion.

"Try it, you’ll know. If he doesn’t come, we will both be dead now. If he wants to be against us, just wait for those magic fire spiders to kill the two of us. Then come out and pick up the cheap ones. I think what that many do.” That fatty summoner said, opened the bottle and ate the first Divine Pill in one mouthful. After closing my eyes for a few seconds, my eyes opened all of a sudden. There was a look of joy on his face, "Sure enough, five divine force has been added..."

When the fatty said that, the thinner summoner also ate the first Divine Pill in the bottle. After a few seconds, a look of joy appeared on his face, "Sure enough, it is the same as the Level 1 Divine Strength Pill, but the added divine force is a little less..."

"Can be exchanged for the corpse of the magic rat Increase the chance of divine force. Where can I find such good things before?"

"What should I do now?" the thinner summoner asked.

"What did you say?"

The two looked at each other, exchanged glances, then said nothing, and at the same time moved towards Xia Pingan and chased them in the direction they left.

In this kind of mess, instead of running around on your own, it’s better to follow the powerhouse to be more secure, and that Xia Pingan looks very reliable, and should be able to hug your thighs, at least from him Let me understand what is going on in Xinchuan City and outside.

These days they have been hiding in one place, silently waiting for their divine force to recover, and they don’t know anything about the outside situation. Before they hear

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