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Glorious Summoner Chapter 124

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Outside the Yunwan Mountain base, there are numerous mountains. The road to the base is only a winding road built on the mountain wall. Below the road is a big river from the valley. In the galloping past, there are cliffs on both sides.

After walking along the mountain road for more than ten kilometers, a huge suspension bridge spans the gorge. Under the suspension bridge is the surging river. The suspension bridge can be put away. Once put away, the magic rat and Those big spiders will not be able to cross over.

On the opposite side of the suspension bridge is Yunwan Mountain. After entering Yunwan Mountain, I found the place of charm and beauty inside. Surrounded by the mountains, there is a small basin and a small basin. The lake, the aquatic plants are abundant.

Beside the lake, there is a small town, and there are many farms around the town.

87 Legion’s ammunition depot is located inside Yunwan Mountain. In order to resist space invasion, the Great Yan Nation built national defense projects in the hillside here many years ago. There is an arsenal in the hillside, which was later changed to An ammunition depot.

At this moment, there are more than 20,000 people gathered at the Yunwan Mountain base, and most of the people who have fled to come here.

People with guns can be seen everywhere. In those farms, there are tents erected everywhere. The only crossing into the valley is surrounded by a few old trucks and Blocked by bulldozers, steel plates are welded to those old open trucks and agricultural bulldozers. The steel plates are covered with sandbags and barbed wire. On the hillsides on both sides of the entrance, there are bunkers and fortifications. The only entrance is welded by a car. The heavy steel plate bulldozer that can be started is blocked, and when people enter and exit, they need to start the bulldozer to get out of the only entrance.

There are 87 Legion soldiers who enter the door, as well as an escort and two summoners spontaneously formed by the people.

I just watched soldiers in military uniforms and people in ordinary clothes holding guns at the entrance of the valley, each occupying one side and guarding them. There are also summoners staring here. The three parties are not under the control, Xia Pingan I feel that the atmosphere within the valley is not so harmonious.

The kind of plot that encounters disasters of military and civilian fish and water conditions may be found in some places, but here, I can’t see it.

"Many citizens who fled here are blaming the soldiers of 87 Legion for failing to guard the Space Crack in Xinchuan City, which caused them to lose their homes and relatives. The soldiers feel wronged, and everyone is desperate. It’s just that they didn’t control the space invasion.

Several military officers wanted to control the farms he

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