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Glorious Summoner Chapter 127

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When Xia Pingan and Man Zijin brought the black dragon to the entrance of the valley at the Yunwan Mountain base, the magic fire spiders and magic rats were still more than ten kilometers away.

Almost all the summoners in the barracks are here. There are more than 70 people in total, including men and women.

For the summoner, those monsters that came here along the road may have boundary beads. At this moment, the military force at the Yunwan Mountain base has the upper hand. If you kill it, maybe there will be a Jiezhu easy to get, so everyone doesn't want to miss this opportunity.

In addition to the summoner, there are many people ambushing on the hillsides on both sides of the valley entrance. There are hundreds of soldiers holding bazookas, as well as many other snipers and machine gunners. the valley is like an enemy.

Some people with weapons also came. Those people were lying in ambush at the entrance of the valley, hiding behind the scrapped trucks and bulldozers, looking at the intersection outside the valley one by one.

The weapons of those people are rifles, shotguns and assault rifles, as well as two squads with machine guns and grenade launchers. These weapons can be used against magic rats. If they are against magic fire spiders or monsters Liquid spiders are basically useless.

The three forces of the Yunwan Mountain base are all gathered here, and they can almost be obvious at a glance.

In the place where the summoner is, a few soldiers in military uniforms are with a few ordinary people in uniforms. Guo Wei is also there. Xia Pingan hasn’t gotten there yet, and he heard it from afar. There was a voice of dispute.

" Colonel Wangcheng, you have seen the current situation. This Yunwanshan base is not 100% safe. We have too few weapons on hand, and there is a serious lack of rocket launchers and anti-tank missiles. We can’t protect ourselves from the huge might weapons at all. Within the valley, there is an ammunition depot. Why don’t you take out the weapons in the ammunition depot and send it to everyone? Are you really going to watch us die..."

This voice is full of dissatisfaction.

"Guard home, defend the country is the duty of our soldiers. Before you die, we will die first. Those heavy weapons are not strictly trained. It is difficult for ordinary people to master and is very dangerous. I still In those words, we are planning to expand the recruitment of the militia at the Yunwanshan base. If we want to use these heavy weapons, we will join the militia and receive our training and command..." This voice is tough, and it sounds like a soldier.

"The Summer Priest is here..." Someone in the crowd noticed that Xia Pingan was coming, and everyone turned their eyes.

Xia Pingan calmly moved towards over there.

When the officers saw Xia Pingan coming, th

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