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Glorious Summoner Chapter 123

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After communicating with Guo Suifan, Xia Pingan finally understood Guo Wei and their current situation, and Guo Wei also understood what happened to the explosion in Xinchuan City last night.

Guo Wei was also shocked at how much Xia Pingan could make.

The situation on the Yunwan Mountain base is much better than that of Xinchuan City, but also not very optimistic.

There is no principal at the Yunwan Mountain base. A group of summoners and a group of officers and soldiers from the 87 Legion disbanded troops gathered together. No one has enough prestige to convince everyone. There is A few colonels, a few middle effectors, and a bunch of majors are not in the same unit yet, and they cannot communicate with Legion. It is more difficult to integrate them.

Moreover, there are many citizens who fled from Xinchuan City at the Yunwan Mountain Base. Many citizens picked up a lot of weapons when fleeing. Some citizens formed various guards and small groups in groups. Organization, those people have guns in their hands, which is not much worse than the soldiers, and because the current situation is severe, the soldiers on the Yunwan Mountain base are not convenient to seize the guns in the hands of the people, so it is not easy to restrain them.

In general, the forces on the Yunwan Mountain are composed of three parties. One is the armed citizens, the other is the soldiers of 87 Legion, and the other is the summoner. These three forces are in Yunwan Mountain. The base occupies some farms, buildings, and materials, and many things are discussed.

This time, Guo Weineng brought several teams to Xinchuan to investigate the situation. It was also the result of the consultation between the soldiers of 87 Legion and the summoner.

"Yunwanshan base and Wireless Electronics radio station can communicate with the outside, and can also receive some news, but the outside news is too messy, and many civilian and private organization radio stations have also joined in. Various news Contradictory, and it is difficult to tell the authenticity. Some people are even deliberately using the radio to spread rumors and panic, wanting to fish in troubled waters. In short, all places in Great Yan Country are chaotic, and some cities may not be in order. It collapsed, but the specific situation is difficult to understand..."

Xia Pingan nodded, the entire Great Yan Nation is now basically in anarchy, and even the Supreme Military Management Committee has lost contact. You can imagine the situation everywhere. How messy it will be.

"What do you plan to do when you go back?" Xia Pingan asked.

"Of course, it is to truthfully reflect the current situation in Xinchuan. The monsters occupying Xinchuan suffered heavy losses last night, but they are not so powerful!" Guo Wei's eyes flashed, "The reason why 87 Legion was de

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