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Glorious Summoner Chapter 126

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Xia Pingan opened her eyes and found herself in a workshop. Looking around, there were a lot of malachite and charcoal piled in the workshop’s yard.

The heat wave of the underground kiln not far away is rolling. A group of craftsmen are busy, putting malachite on the burning charcoal for smelting. The smelted copper water is flowing down the guide trough on the ground to that morning. Among the cured molds, those molds are all copper mirrors on one side.

Seeing the malachite and charcoal, Xia Pingan's mind settled down. This is the method of smelting copper by fire and the metallurgical method that appeared in the Chinese and Shang Dynasty.

Before he saw the word Yang Sui, he was still not completely sure what this world bead was used for, because in ancient China there was the surname Yang, who knows if this world bead is someone When he saw the workshop here, Xia Pingan was sure of it.

Xia Pingan looked at the clothes on her body, and then at the clothes worn by a few people around her, she probably had a judgment in her heart. The time she was in at the moment should be the Western Zhou Dynasty. In "Zhou Li·Qiu Guan Si Kou", there is a record of "Sixuan clan, palms with his husband, and takes open fire to the sun".

At this moment, I was bowing my head with a few craftsmen-like people, listening to an official-like person talking.

"...In a few days, it will be the birthday of Lord Dazai. All princes and internal medicine Bailiao have expressed that Lord Sikong has ordered our Department of Engineering to cast exquisite utensils, and Lord Dazai likes exquisite utensils most. , You are all masters in the industrial department. This time the errand will fall on you. If it is done, Lord Sikong and I will be rewarded, if it is not done well!” The official admonisher's face sank. "When the time comes, don’t blame me for not being affectionate..."

There is no prime minister in the Western Zhou Dynasty, and Dazai’s position is equivalent to the later prime minister. Sagong is also called Si Gong in the Western Zhou Dynasty, and Sagong is responsible for managing Baigong. As well as the construction of civil engineering, water conservancy and other projects, this engineering office should be a "state-owned factory" affiliated with the Western Zhou Dynasty, and the person who looked like an official in front of him should be one of the "administrative members" in charge here.

At that time, the division of official positions was not as detailed as that of the offspring. The so-called "faculty members", that is, the assistants and subordinates who followed the great character, would be assigned. Let's take care of the bureau of smelting copperware.

"We can cast some copper mirrors to offer..." a craftsman said.

"copper mirror?" The staff member looked a little unhappy. "Is there a copper

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