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Glorious Summoner Chapter 122

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The gunshots and explosions in Xinchuan city rang out almost all night!

Since the fall of Xinchuan, last night was the most unsettling night, and it was also a night to restore human dignity.

In addition to Xia Pingan and the others who originally stayed in Xinchuan, the teams that killed Xinchuan outside Xinchuan city last night also taught the monsters a good lesson. Fewer monsters.

It seems to be a tacit understanding, or the most effective battle method to deal with monsters, which was explored by human wisdom and experience. The composition and battle method of the teams that returned to Xinchuan last night were completely led by Xia Pingan The battle method of those fighters and the summoner team is exactly the same.

——The drone is responsible for monitoring the battlefield from a high place, searching for enemies, and providing battlefield information for the team, just like the remote viewing ability, and the summoner is responsible for killing the ghosts and monsters that appear, and it is matched with the summoner The battle squad together will solve the magic rat and the big spiders. The members of the entire battle squad, carrying heavy weapons such as rocket launchers and grenades occupy more than half.

There are too many monsters entrenched in Xinchuan City. Last night’s battle and Xia Pingan’s three blasts in the core area of ​​the monsters caused severe damage to those monsters entrenched in Xinchuan City. There are still many monsters remaining in Xinchuan city, and they cannot be solved in one battle.

As the sky got brighter, all the teams who had fought in the city for most of the night quickly withdrew from Xinchuan city with great understanding.

Xia Pingan originally thought of going around the three refuges where he had completed the blast to see if he could harvest some world beads, but he looked at it with his remote vision ability, and completely gave up this idea.

The three underground refuges and the buildings on the ground have completely collapsed. Within 100 meters of the refuge, until now, they are like volcanic craters, billowing thick smoke and raging fires. Still burning.

Those thermite incendiary bombs he buried in the explosion point produced a high temperature of nearly 3000 degrees after the explosion, which could melt all the steel. The entrances of the three underground refuges have completely collapsed and exploded. The high temperature generated burned the buildings connected by the ventilation ducts of the refuge.

The monsters killed by the explosions in three locations are innumerable, thousands of them, and more than one world bead must have been exploded.

I heard that the world bead can neither water nor fire can approach, it is as firm as Vajra, but the explosion produces such a huge formidable power and shock wave, and the w

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