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Glorious Summoner Chapter 52

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At two o'clock in the afternoon, Xia Pingan appeared in the tea shop of Guangzhou Hotel on time.

As soon as I entered the tea room, Xia Pingan saw Police Officer Qian Lan and a middle-aged man in a suit and glasses sitting in a corner of the tea room and chatting, Xia Pingan moved towards and they walked over. .

Officer Qian Lan spotted Xia Pingan and stood up, then the middle-aged man in a suit and glasses also stood up.

Today's Qian Lan, wearing a light blue women's suit and high heels, long hair and shawl, is like a beautiful white-collar lady.

"Mr. Xia, hello!" Officer Qian Lan smiled and shook hands with Xia Pingan, and then introduced Xia Pingan to the middle-aged man with glasses, "This is Lawyer Mu Yuan, Lawyer Mu, This is Mr. Xia!"

"Hello, Mr. Xia!" The lawyer seemed very enthusiastic and shook hands with Xia Pingan quickly.

"You two have a chat. I am here today to be responsible for introducing you. If you have any questions, please call me again!" Seeing Xia Pingan's arrival, Officer Qian Lan was carrying her blue kun bag , And left with a smile.

After Qian Lan left, only Xia Pingan and the lawyer Mu were left in this cafe.

Attorney Mu stood up, first pouring a cup of tea for Xia Pingan politely, and complimenting him while pouring the tea, "Mr. Xia is really young and promising. He joined Optics Valley News Agency at such a young age. There must be a bright future in the future!"

"Lawyer Mu is polite, I'm still in a hurry today, can we get into the subject quickly?" Xia Pingan said directly.

"Fresh!" Attorney Mu sat down. "My client is deeply sorry for the harm and inconvenience caused to Mr. Xia and Mr. Xia's younger sister. They both had the past few days in the past few days. The detention center already regretted the original impulse. I met Mr. Xia this time. On the one hand, I apologized to Mr. Xia on behalf of my client. On the other hand, I also wanted to discuss with Mr. Xia how to make this end as soon as possible!"

"What does the conclusion of Lawyer Mu mean?" Xia Pingan asked with a smile.

"This, Mr. Xia’s lost job with a gun, my client has never seen it. I can’t find this gun for one day, and the case cannot be resolved in one day. This not only gives me The client brought tremendous pressure, and the Xianghe City Police Department was also under pressure!” Attorney Mu spoke to Xia Pingan carefully, and the adult’s slightly greasy and sly gaze stared at him unblinkingly behind his eyes. Xia Pingan's face.

"I am a victim, and there is nothing I can do!" Xia Pingan said with a smile and spread out her hands.

"I know that Mr. Xia is a victim. When my client turned over Mr. Xia’s house, he made the house a little messy, but he did not see the guns and did not take five dollars. One hundred thousand, but less than thirty thousand, I wonder..

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