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Glorious Summoner Chapter 46

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After recognizing the person, Xia Pingan got the key to her rented house again, refused Qian Lan and Liu Rui to send him back to the hotel, and walked out of the police station and came nearby After waiting for a while, Xia Pingan got on the bus and left on the bus when he saw the arrival of No. 27 bus.

If something like this happened, there is no way to live in the rental house anymore. He and Xia Ning are going to move recently.

But before moving, you need to determine where you want to move.

Anyway, today is the weekend. Just when there is time, Xia Pingan is going to take the bus and go around the city a few times to see where it is more appropriate, in the determined approximate area and the community where you want to live. After that, go to an intermediary, so that the efficiency of finding a new house will be higher.

This weekend, there are no office workers, so there are not many people on the bus.

Xia Pingan took the bus to go around in Xianghe City. When he saw a suitable community, he got off the bus and went around the community to learn about the surrounding environment of the community and see what was suitable. Just remember the name of the community first and save it for later comparison.

Unconsciously, one morning and most of the afternoon passed.

Xia Pingan spent most of the day watching more than a dozen communities in Xianghe City.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Xia Pingan, who had just watched a community, came to the bus stop outside the community and got on the No. 98 bus. This bus went to the northern suburbs of Xianghe City. There are also several communities nearby, and it is relatively close to the school in Xia Ning. Xia Pingan also wants to stop by and find out.

When I got on the bus, there were still many seats empty. Xia Pingan walked to the back of the bus and found a seat.

Xia Pingan sits in front of a young couple, and at the back sits two aunts who are going for an outing. On the left sits a middle school student in school uniform. There is also a housewife and an elderly couple in front of him. A middle-aged man with a briefcase.

On the bus, the two aunts in the back were chatting, the young couple in front was talking about me, and the man’s fingers were wrapped around the woman’s hair, whispering to the woman from time to time. Everyone else looked down at the phone somewhat numb.

The murder of yesterday’s Lingshi Building was still broadcast on the bus’s TV. In just over ten minutes, Gao Qingshan’s arrest warrant appeared on the bus’s TV news program. On both occasions, no one in the car cared.

Xia Pingan took out her mobile phone and took a look.

There is no report on Gao Qingshan's situation in the mobile phone implantation program of the Order Committee, and no other task reminders, indicating that Fang Lingshan

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