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Glorious Summoner Chapter 49

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The night is deep and deep. The bright moon in the sky has gradually turned round and hung brightly in the sky. Most people in Xianghe City have entered a deep dream at this time...

On the highway in the western suburbs of Xianghe City, an unremarkable-looking moving truck is parked on the side of a road near a community.

Like other moving vehicles, the truck that moved has a tight and solid cabin, and looks nothing surprising on the outside. The cabin of the truck is from a well-known moving company in Xianghe City. Advertising phone.

Many people move according to the time of day, and they start moving only when they are pinched. Therefore, it is not surprising that they move in the middle of the night. Anyone who sees this car will think that it is for which households are planning to give to the community. The vehicles that people move.

In the carriage of the truck, all seven people from the Special Operations Department of the Xianghe City Order Committee have gathered.

There are expensive and complex electronic equipment in the truck compartment. At this moment, on a huge electronic display in the compartment, frontal photos of two middle-aged men are appearing on the left and right sides of the electronic display. .

The photo that appears on the left is the wanted Gao Qingshan, and the photo on the right is the target of the Demon Eye member that Xia Pingan locked and discovered today.

The latter, named Zhao Qianjin, is the boss and legal person of Xianghe City Qianjin Natural Resources Recycling Company. To put it in another way, it is the boss of a company that has obtained a license to collect a pile of junk.

More than two hundred meters away from this car, on the side of the road, is the factory of Xianghe Qianjin Natural Resources Reclamation Company.

The appearance of the two people on the monitor is completely inconsistent, but their gloomy eyes are exactly the same.

"After the intelligence information center has analyzed and compared the past data of Gao Qingshan and Zhao Qianjin, the real Zhao Qianjin is probably dead. The Zhao Qianjin we see now is Gao Qingshan integrated with the brain. The appearance of eating insect transformed into his body. This is his backup status in Xianghe City, so when we act later, our goal is Zhao Qianjin... "

Mo Yanshao's voice is in the carriage. Inside, he was holding a laser pointer in his hand, making the final arrangement and arrangement.

On the electronic display, another map appears.

"This is a map of the factory area of ​​Xianghe City Qianjin Natural Resources Recycling Company. After the investigation during the day, there are eleven workers in the factory area. There were many missing persons in Xianghe City before, involving many missing persons. It has a wide range, concealed whereabouts, and difficult to d

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