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Glorious Summoner Chapter 51

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In the morning of 2nd day, the Conference Hall of the Special Operations Office of the Xianghe City Order Committee...

Seven summoners from the Special Operations Office got up early in the morning and just finished breakfast. Came here.

Although yesterday we successfully solved a member of the Demon Eye, the atmosphere in the Conference Hall was not relaxed this morning, but rather solemn.

Everyone returned to the station last night, and it was almost four o'clock in the morning.

Fortunately, the summoner has the secret of getting into deep sleep quickly, but after a few hours of sleep, everyone again appeared in the Conference Hall this morning with lively dragon and animated tiger.

It is indifferent to preside over the meeting.

Some information and details of yesterday’s action will be reviewed this morning and then reported.

"...The DNA test results came out. There are 272 limbs of the sacrificed Demon Eye in the big pit underground of Qianjin Natural Resources Regeneration Company. All of them are from Brother Xi, Nanguangzhou. Illegal immigrants were deceived by Devil’s Eye and they were collectively killed in Xianghe City. The Devil’s Eye has been completed for more than four months. Because it was an immigrant and smuggled in, the Xianghe City Police did not receive a report of missing persons. We did before. I didn't find a demon eye of this magnitude hidden there!"

The indifferent tone was a bit heavy.

Because Dayan country has a developed economy, a high standard of living, and good social welfare benefits, it is difficult to prohibit immigrants from those countries in Nanguangzhou (South America) who have smuggled to Dayan. There are countless illegal immigrants every year. Immigrants risk various dangers and enter Dayan through various channels.

Preliminary estimates indicate that there are more than 7 million illegal immigrants living in Dayan, and there are many illegal immigrants influx every year.

It’s just that Xianghe City was not the first choice for these illegal immigrants to settle down in the past, so local government agencies and the police are somewhat lax in their investigations in this regard.

After these illegal immigrants enter Dayan, even if they are dead, as long as they don’t die in a public place, almost no one knows.

The Devil’s Eye took advantage of this and arranged such a terrifying sacrifice ceremony of the Demon’s Eye in Xianghe City.

The eye of the devil is the coordinate and torch of space invasion!

During this period of time, there were already three demon eyes discovered in Xianghe City. Those demon eyes were more evil than one, and one more sacrificed. That was the most Dangerous signal!

Xianghe City may encounter a large-scale space invasion at any time!

In other words, a space invasion on a scale fa

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