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Glorious Summoner Chapter 48

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From a human point of view, Elder Sun Defeng is actually dead. Now he is just a walking corpse without self-consciousness, just the body of brain eating insect!

But from a biological point of view, he is not completely dead, because his body has lifeform signs and can also be metabolized.

From the perspective of the Order Committee and the legal perspective of this era, he is indeed dead. It belongs to several death exceptions caused by the parasitic death of space invading organisms, which can be carried out according to the living corpse of the brain eating insect. deal with.

It’s just that the people in the small town don’t even know that Sun Defeng is dead.

Every morning, Xia Pingan watched the living corpse leave her yard, go to the town’s street garden to work out with the old people in the town, and pose behind the aunts who danced in the square. Move his body manually by moving his legs.

Looking at a living corpse living in a crowd of people doing square dances, it feels terrifying, but no one else around Sun Defeng noticed his abnormality.

It looks like a peaceful city, but there is no shortage of spooky things that can shock people's eyes.

All the actions of living corpses are not autonomous, but remotely controlled by brain eating insect.

Because the old man Sun Defeng lives alone, the analysis result of the Special Operations Department is that the member It shouldn't be the devil’s eye fused with brain eating insect, he took the initiative to come in contact with the old man Sun Defeng’s residence. Eye-catching.

The greatest possibility is that the members of the Demon Eye will control the time when the old man Sun Defeng goes out, so as to find opportunities to contact with the old man Sun Defeng in public.

In this way, we can find the main body of brain eating insect according to Sun Defeng's law of going out.

brain eating insect The contact interval between the main body and the host should not exceed 9 days, and the time for each close contact should be at least five minutes, and obvious physical contact actions are required.

The life of the elderly Sun Defeng is very regular. He goes to exercise every morning, goes to the suburban park every three days, and goes to the supermarket in the city every four days. He spends most of his time in the town. .

Speaking of suburban parks, according to the information held by the previous special operations department, among the few missing persons who were dismembered and sacrificed in the cold storage, one person disappeared near the suburban park. There are overlaps in the trajectories of the participants.

After staring for two days, Xia Pingan discovered that the living corpse controlled by the brain eating insect was filled with a small bottle of ether and a hand towel every time before going out.

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