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Glorious Summoner Chapter 50

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The requiem flag is useless to the brain eating insect itself. Looking at the terrifying moved towards that monster imposing manner, I rushed over. The requiem flag in Xia Pingan’s hand disappeared instantly, and the silver man Newin MR98 appeared in Xia Pingan's hands instantly.

"peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~......" four consecutive shots were fired.

The .50 Magnum sterling silver bullet flew out from the flame of the muzzle, and instantly hit three monsters in the chest and one head.

Xia Pingan saw four clusters of blood blooming on the monster’s body. Four blood holes appeared on the monster’s chest and head, but that’s all, it’s not fatal to the monster. It was just the huge energy from the bullet that still caused the monster's body to be stagnated.

"Be careful..." Tu Polu's reminding voice came from a distance.

Mo Yanshao, Li Yunzhou and the two slave soldiers rushed over quickly, Mo Yanshao waved, and another Fireball flew out.

The high-temperature Fireball blinked, and the monster turned his head, opened his mouth, and spit out a large group of disgusting green mucus against the Fireball. The mucus wrapped in a ball and immediately wrapped the Fireball and sneered. Screamed.

The mucus and Fireball turned into black at the same time and the mist dissipated, and the little mucus that dropped on the ground instantly condensed a layer of hoarfrost on the ground.

Monster escaped the indifferent Fireball, but did not escape Li Yunzhou Fireball.

Li Yunzhou’s Fireball is hidden behind the indifferent Fireball. This is a beautiful tactical coordination. The indifferent Fireball is responsible for attracting the monster’s attention and consuming the monster’s reaction time. Li Yunzhou’s Fireball It is the killing move that is responsible for hitting and killing the target.

The moment the first Fireball dissipated, the second Fireball directly hit the monster's body.

Monster’s entire body burned instantly, but while it was burning, the monster’s body revealed a gap from under the crotch. There was a cloud of jet-black thing, and the body was stained with mucus and black carapace. , Only the size of a four or five year old child, like an armadillo, came out from under the monster’s body, dropped the burning body, and moved towards Xia Pingan again under the cover of thick black smoke. Rushed over.

The burning body instantly turned ashes, but the monster got away again.


The ability of this human-insect ontology is really strange and varied.

"peng peng..." Xia Pingan continued to shoot.

The huge sterling silver bullet hit the slime shell of the thing, and it made two crisp noises that hit the steel plate, and could not penetrate the body of the thing.

Moreover, the speed of that thing is so fast, and the body is small, which is very difficult to dea

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