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Glorious Summoner Chapter 47

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For the Xianghe City National Order Committee, the current primary task determined after analysis after the meeting yesterday is to determine whether the member of the Demon Eye that integrates the human-insect is still there. Not in Xianghe City.

didn't expect Xia Pingan today made important discoveries.

Since the body of brain eating insect is in Xianghe City, it means that the main body of brain eating insect, Gaoshan Qing is also hidden in Xianghe City.

It's no wonder that he is indifferent and a little excited.

"The target was discovered by accident on the bus when I was riding the bus. The target is still moving. I am tracking the target, but the other party has not been tracked by me yet!"

"The living corpse controlled by the eating human-insect may not be one, and maybe the members of the demon eye are in the vicinity. It is very dangerous. You should not act alone, remember, you should not act alone!" Mo Yanshao solemnly reminded on the phone, "You don't have to contact the target, just monitor, we will locate your phone immediately..."

Xia Pingan Of course it is impossible to find the devil alone. The members of Eye are desperately able to blow their whistle to find a helper but have to single out. Isn't that a fool?

"Okay, I understand that now the target is still moving, about a thousand meters away from my mobile phone positioning, I will continue to monitor!"

End the call, Xia Pingan accepts Picked up the phone and walked briskly on the road.

A few minutes later, under the gaze of Xia Pingan's remote viewing ability, he saw the old man walking into a small courtyard on the side of the small town road more than two hundred meters away from the station.

There are a few trees planted in the yard, and there is a two-storey small building with a single family.

Most of the residents in this small town live in such independent small buildings with yards.

It's a bit of beat the grass to scare the snake, Xia Pingan didn't invade the remote viewing angle into the room to explore, but just monitored the yard from outside.

Ten minutes later, Xia Pingan came to a water bar in the town more than two hundred meters away from the small building, stared at the small building from afar, ordered a glass of juice and drank. Then I took a few photos for Mo Yanshao and sent them over.

After a few minutes, the light in the water bar turned black and turned on again, and the light bulb flickered a few times...

"The small town’s transformers don’t What's wrong again!" The Boss who wiped the bar in the water bar looked up at the flashing light bulb and muttered.

"Boss, is this often like this here?" Xia Pingan asked.

"It's not often, but the small town's circuit has occasionally been unstable in the past six months. I heard that the transformer is a bit aging

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