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Glorious Summoner Chapter 114

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"The entire military airport and the underground ammunition depot are covered with granite. The outer periphery of the ammunition depot is a layer of reinforced concrete with a thickness of several meters, so it is very strong and can almost resist Any attack, even sandworms can't get in..." Shi Yunhao was introduced while walking in the ammunition warehouse with Xia Pingan.

The other soldiers garrisoned also followed, taking Xia Pingan to visit this place.

This huge ammunition depot is the reason all the soldiers stationed here are willing to stay.

The ammunition warehouse is very large, like a modern warehouse, divided into several parts, the road in the ammunition warehouse can allow two vehicles to enter side by side.

Shi Yunhaobang turned on the lighting switch of the ammunition depot, and the lights of the entire ammunition depot were lit one by one, all of a sudden.

In the warehouses, all kinds of weapons and bombs that have not been opened are piled up like a mountain, which makes people feel shocked.

Shi Yunhao took Xia Pingan, a warehouse tour by warehouse.

"This warehouse contains heat tracking missiles..."

"This warehouse contains air-to-air missiles and some anti-radiation missiles..."

"This warehouse is filled with air-dropped sub-bombs. Sub-bombs are particularly effective against magic rats, but they may also hurt people. They can only be used in no man's land..."

"This warehouse is piled up with some military materials that have just been pulled. Many materials have just been shipped and have not been delivered to the troops..." After speaking, Shi Yunhao brought Xia Pingan to a warehouse and opened one. The ammunition box containing the weapon. In that ammunition box, there is something that looks like an anti-tank gun-a huge barrel, and a few heavy ammunition with tail fins.

"This is a single-soldier cloud explosive bomb, the most ultimate weapon that a single soldier can master. Except for a little heavier, the formidable power of this thing is too strong. This thing was first equipped by the armies of China Xia Country. Yan Guo imported a lot, but it hasn’t had enough time to promote it in the military..."

"Single soldier cloud bomb?" Xia Pingan picked up the contents of the equipment box. Things are indeed a bit heavy, a single cloud explosive bomb and a kettle-thick launcher together, there is a forty-fifty kg.

Of course, this is for ordinary persons, as long as they have better physical strength and carry this thing on their backs, there should be no problem.

"If we could go out with this thing and meet those magic fire spiders, one by one..." Tao Yang said from the side.

"We are going out carrying this thing, how can we carry the food back, this thing is too heavy and too heavy!"

"This thing is suitable for ambush or defense, T

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