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Glorious Summoner Chapter 117

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In the room, Xia Pingan eyes slowly opened, and first glanced at the time of his watch.

From the time he closed his eyes until now, it took just over 8 hours for the world bead just now.

At this moment, the outside time is still more than 7pm on November 10th...

After the integration of the real world pearl just now, there are many in Xia Pingan’s secret mandala. There is a silver relief sculpture. On the relief is the story of Liguizhen Xuehua. On the whole relief, there are three colorful summon positions, one cow, one tiger, and one owl.

This perfect integration made Xia Pingan’s upper limit of divine force soar by 40 points, reaching a full 400 points, and the distance from the body's binary mirror is only 20 points away from the last divine force.

Xia Pingan seems to be able to feel the ice-breaking agitation in her body.

Although he has withdrawn from the world of Jiezhu, the consciousness and state of Xia Pingan’s whole person at this moment is still immersed in the previous perceptions. Reality and Jiezhu have no sense of the mystery of the world. For Xia Pingan, there is not much difference.

Xia Pingan spreads his legs apart and punches in the room. The whole person is in the room with Dragon Soars and Tiger Leaps, just like in a world bead, with one punch and one kick, like a cannon. There was a bang in the room, next moment, Xia Pingan, like a ghost, ran directly on the wall of the room, parallel to the ground, like a tiger running and jumping on a cliff, like a bird of prey fighting in the sky, he is this When he punched his fists again, the fists and feet had the cracking sound of tearing the air. The air was torn apart by him like a cloth. With a punch and a kick, between relaxation, it is like the strongest force that is transmitted to the whip after a long whip is drawn. A blow.

The effort of this fist is no longer the realm before Xia Pingan, but the realm after Liguizhen enlightened on the mountain.

And the one who enlightened it was actually Xia Pingan.

When I hit the fun, Xia Pingan's body was as strong as a dragon, and the coat on her body was directly shattered by the power of his body, revealing the tattoo of King Fudo Ming on Xia Pingan's back.

Xia Pingan took out the black cobra whip from the Space Warehouse. With the whip in her hand, Xia Pingan's whip is heavy, like lightning piercing the air, every moment like a storm hitting the shore, every moment The tiger threw out, like a goshawk flying in the sky, unpredictable, and the whip that would explode before, at this time, instead became silent, as if it had disappeared.

In just a moment, the long whip disappeared, and the one that appeared in Xia Pingan's hand turned into a long knife. For a while, the blade light was like snow. As Xia Pingan cut it out with a single knife, the blade In the

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