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Glorious Summoner Chapter 120

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"Damn it, 87 Legion did not call. What happened to the explosion? Didn’t you say that Legion was calling?"

"How do I know, I I thought it was the troops coming. Could it be that ordinary people could get this big movement? And you didn’t find that the monsters on the street have been reduced a lot..."

Someone in Xinchuan City On the street, two summoners of one fatty and one thin flew away on the street full of ruins, running and communicating, more than 20 magic rats and two magic fire spiders chased after the two people crazy .

At this moment, the remaining monsters in Xinchuan city are almost crazy, extremely restless and violent.

In the three loud noises, I don't know how many monsters were killed, but it can be clearly felt that the number and density of monsters in the urban area has become much looser.

A burning spider silk flew up, and the two summoners who were running for their lives jumped away. The burning spider silk instantly penetrated a car parked on the side of the road, and the car burst open. Now, the dust wave made these two summoners who were running for their lives covered in dirt. The slightly fat summoner threw a Fireball casually, ignited a demon mouse that was moving towards the two of them, and turned it into Ashes, and then continue to escape.

But they haven't ran far, and the faces of these two summoners turned pale in an instant.

Because just in front of them, more than a dozen magic rats and a magic liquid spider appeared.

At this moment, there was no way forward and there were chasing soldiers, and the two people were blocked in the middle of this street. What’s more, there were open shops on both sides of this street. Even if the two can rush to the shop, they can't escape, they die faster.

"Is Feng Yidao dying in the mouth of these monsters today, I have worked hard for so many years and finally become a summoner, I don’t have a girlfriend yet..." That thinner summoner look up to sky and heave a deep sigh, with tears.

"Call a fart, and fight with these monsters, one by one desperately, quickly take out the ability of the trump card, maybe we can charge ahead..." The fatter summoner directly scolded He got up, touched his body, and took out a shotgun, and fired frantically at the magic rat and the magic liquid spider peng~ peng~ peng~ standing in front of them.

The shotgun will naturally not kill the magic mouse and the magic liquid spider, but the shotguns that fly out have also beaten up the few magic rats that rushed in. zhi zhi shouted, slowing the movement speed of the magic rat.

The thinner summoner also tried desperately. With a wave of his hand, five soldiers were taken out by summon, and the five soldiers who had been taken out by summon rushed towards the magic rat in front. Kill with those magic rats.

The fat summoner fi

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