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Glorious Summoner Chapter 116

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The pheasant is tied to another tree more than 30 meters away from the tree house where Xia Pingan is located. There is a grassland around it, and nothing can block Xia Pingan’s sight. .

The pheasant crowed, pacing up and down in the grass a little uneasy, flapping its wings and trying to fly away.

After the old hunter father and son left, the mountains and forests were noisy and silent. Xia Pingan sat cross-legged in the tree house with her eyes closed, waiting patiently, and truly regarded herself as a calendar. Returning to the truth, I am determined to perfect my painting skills.

The hard work, sacrifices and determination made by Li Guizhen to paint tigers in those days are really amazing.

Tigers are not good at climbing trees, but in this mountain forest, there are too many poison insects that can climb trees. There are too many beasts. Leopards can climb trees, poisonous snakes can also climb trees, and poison insects can climb trees. To settle down in the mountains and forests to see tigers in an environment is basically tantamount to putting life and death out of the picture.

The essence of Essence, Qi, and Spirit is the foundation of a person's success.

In the tree house, there are a few cakes and two water bottles. This is Xia Pingan's food.

There is a clear stream nearby, which can solve the problem of water source. If you want convenience, you can only go from up and down the tree to the nearby grass to solve it. This life is not worse than Youchao. How much, completely live as a primordial person.

In the previous two days, the pheasant was yelling at gē gē gē, and Xia Pingan didn't even see a single tiger's hair.

On the morning of the 3rd day, Xia Pingan was sitting in the tree house concentratingly. Suddenly, she felt that the forest outside suddenly became quiet, a murderous intention faintly discernable. Reverberating in the woods, the pheasant that was still crowing on the grass, suddenly stopped crowing at this time.

Xia Pingan opened her eyes sharply.

On a tree not far away, a flock of birds was suddenly flew up, and the grass shook. With the roar of a tiger, a majestic tiger with a white-fronted eye came from nearby. The imposing manner rushed down from the hillside, it is not an exaggeration to say that the wind is from the tiger.

With a bad wind, he rushed down.

The pheasant was so scared that he shrank into a ball, and when he saw the tiger pounce and flap its wings, he wanted to fly away, but as soon as the pheasant jumped up, he was leaped into the air by the tiger. The bloody mouth opened wide, and he took a bite and rushed down.

That fierce tiger, fierce, domineering, with wild and endless Life Aura and King of Beasts imposing manner, eyes murderous intention is exposed, movements are fierce and vigorous, and every pore on the bo

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