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Glorious Summoner Chapter 119

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The night gradually darkened, darkness re-shrouded the earth, and the entire Xinchuan City was shrouded in a hazy bloody moonlight.

Yesterday was fifteen, and today is sixteen. The moon is sixteen round at fifteen. The visibility in Xinchuan tonight is higher than the previous nights...

On the streets of Xinchuan City, among the wreckage of tanks and various vehicles and building ruins, groups of magic fire spiders and magic rats can be seen wandering around the street from time to time.

The huge monster fire spider and the clever magic rat raised their heads from time to time, and looked at the blood moon in the sky with cold and bloody eyes. The whole city was silent, and a little movement would attract the surrounding monsters. come.

On the contrary, it is the two permanent Space Cracks in Xinchuan City. After the last outbreak, until today, the two Space Cracks are extremely quiet, and nothing is spit out from them. Something comes.

After eleven o'clock in the evening, a cloud layer floated, quietly covering the bloody moonlight, and the whole city was instantly shrouded in large cloud shadows.

At this moment, on the top floor of a ruined building in the south of Xinchuan City, Man Zijin, carrying a single soldier cloud bomb launcher on his body, revealed his silhouette from the ruins,

Man Zijin swallowed his saliva and used the scope of the launcher to see a two-story building more than 2,000 meters away. There were two magic fire spiders around that building. He just saw Three magic rats got into that building.

"It's now..." Xia Pingan's command came from the earbuds of the intercom.

Man Zijin pulled the trigger, and the single-soldier Yunbang bomb moved towards the two-story building with a blaze.


The formidable power of the individual cloud bomb bomb is too terrifying. Man Zijin only saw the two-story building two kilometers away. The red light flashed , A fierce fire razed the building to the ground. The magic rat in the building might not even be left behind. Even the body of a magic fire spider near the building was instantly exploded by clouds. The bomb exploded to shreds, and only the magic mouse that was a little farther away was knocked to the ground by the shock wave and firelight of the explosion, blowing out more than ten meters.

As soon as the individual cloud blast bomb was launched, Man Zijin had dropped the launcher of the individual cloud blast bomb, and at the same time he pressed one of his own hands to detonate the remote control, and it was there. Almost at the same time before the flames of the bombs dissipated, a group of violent fires exploded in the west, east and southeast of Xinchuan City. The rumbling sound of the explosion shook the entire city.

The whole city was alarmed, and the monsters that were closer to the explosio

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