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Glorious Summoner Chapter 115

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"Li Guizhen, this is the tiger you drew. It's so ridiculous..."

"Such tigers should be sold for money. Could it be deceiving us? I have never seen a tiger!"

"That's right, where is a tiger, it doesn't look like it, it's not awe-inspiring at all, I feel like a dog..."

Xia As soon as Pingan opened his eyes, he saw that he was on the street. In front of him, there was a table. The table was covered with drawing paper. There was a tiger drawn on the paper. He was holding a pen in his hand and many people beside him. Pointing fingers to him, whispering.

Xia Pingan looked towards behind him again. Behind him, there is a shelf with two paintings hanging on the shelf. The painting is a farming cow. The farming cow is painted well, lifelike and quite Have a foundation.

Xia Pingan understood at a glance that she was selling paintings on the street at the moment.

Li Guizhen lived in the countryside since he was a child. He likes to paint. There are many cows in the countryside, and Li Guizhen sees many cows. Therefore, Li Guizhen learns to paint cows. He draws more cows. Li Guizhen gradually gained a little fame in the countryside. , Became a painter, and usually came to this rooftop city to sell paintings at a stall, which can be regarded as a way of making a living.

At this moment, Li Guizhen is not old, and his fame is only in the township of Tiantai in Jiangxi. He is not as well-known as he was later, so Liang Taizu couldn't help but invite him to the palace to chat and ask questions.

Xia Pingan cleared her current situation in an instant.

Just in front of the painting booth, a man dressed in silk and satin, who looked like a squire, pointed at the tiger drawn on the paper, stared at Xia Pingan with a dissatisfaction and pointed at the painting. "You are a tiger painted like dead. People who don’t know think it is a dog. I have already told you that I want to buy this painting and hang it out to see people. How can I see your painting? People, I'm still paying a hundred dollars, I don't give a single money..."

The squire was coldly snorted and left.

Xia Pingan took a look at the tiger on the painting in front of her, that...it really doesn’t look like that...the Essence, Qi, and Spirit that don’t have tigers are...soft... …

It is estimated that Li Guizhen painted this kind of painting after seeing tiger skins before.

At the painting stall next to it, a goatee artist who specializes in selling landscape paintings came over, stared at the tiger picture in front of Xia Pingan, and sneered. The goat The beard curled up proudly, facing Xia Pingan, "Boy, I guess you haven’t even seen a living tiger, so you dare to sell tiger paintings. Do you know that those who buy tiger paintings have to hang the paintings to The living room or the study room in the flower hall is admirable. Th

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