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Glorious Summoner Chapter 118

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The beacon of the beacon opera princes increased the upper limit of divine force in Xia Pingan’s secret mandala by another 10 points, eventually reaching 410 points, which is only 420 points away from Origin Realm’s 420 points. 10 o'clock, one step away.

After the fusion of this realm bead, there is a black iron relief of Zhou Youwang’s beacon opera lords in the secret mandala. The beacon smoke in the relief is like a living thing, rising from the beacon tower on Lishan to the sky. With the scared witless army of the princes who came to the King of Qin, King Zhou You had his arms around the laughed heartily......

The beacon smoke in the relief was the summon position that condensed the Illusion Technique.

When the relief appeared, Xia Pingan's consciousness had something more about how to use the Illusion Technique.

For the Illusion Technique used by the summoner, the divine force consumed is not fixed, but the divine force consumed is different depending on the Illusion Technique used, and this Illusion Technique is just like the beacon that teases the lords. Similarly, it is not possible to come out of nowhere for no reason. You can change whatever you want to change, and you can create any Illusion Technique if you want to create an Illusion Technique, but there must be some reality existence and reality scene as the "foundation", among which Mysterious, it's hard to say everything.


Xia Pingan in the room opened her eyes suddenly.

He looked at the time again.

Only ten minutes have passed.

Thinking of the Illusion Technique skills she has mastered again, Xia Pingan pinched a finger with both hands, pointed at the ground, and the light and shadow on the ground moved, and the black dragon came out.

This black dragon is not the other black dragon. It seems to be alive but unable to make a sound. It looks exactly like the black dragon. It wagged its tail and ran around Xia Pingan twice, but there was no sound at all. Xia Pingan reached out. Once touched, the black dragon's Illusion Technique image disappeared suddenly.

Illusion Technique deceives the eyes, it cannot deceive the ears, nor can it deceive perception and touch, nor can it be used directly to fight and kill people, but this technique can only be used to deceive eyes and vision when it is appropriate. , Should also be of great use.

Xia Pingan pondered for a while, smiled slightly, opened the door and walked out.

The speed at which I merge with the Realm Bead is already amazing. I guess I can get another Realm Bead at random, and I will steadily advance to the Second Origin Realm. After entering the Second Origin Realm, my body will fight strength. The gap with ordinary summoners will be completely widened.

Mo Yanshao and Yan Duo and the others, in terms of physical battle strength, are both an Or

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