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Glorious Summoner Chapter 80

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The highway becomes cratered, and the meteorites falling in the sky are large or small, and they fall on the ground. Even the smallest formidable power will leave a large crater like a cannonball.

One hour later, Xia Pingan climbed over the hills, came to the highway, and trot along the kilometer towards the Xinchuan city.

The two elite slave soldiers who came out of Xia Pingan summon and the black dragon who came out of summon again are still closely following Xia Pingan's side.

Finally, Xia Pingan saw the cars stuck on the highway on a highway passing through the wilderness, not one, but dozens of them, because several cars collided on the road. A pickup truck was horizontally on the road, and another SUV overturned on the road. Two cars rear-ended behind and the glass was all over the ground, blocking the road.

There are street trees on both sides of the road, and on the road behind the accident, all the cars are almost crowded together.

At this moment, no one can be seen in those cars.

On the nearby gravel ground, a hundred meters away, there is a large crater left by a fire meteorite. Those vehicles parked on the road, many of the car's window glass have all been touched by the fire meteor. The sound of the explosion shattered, and there was a small car burning on the road, which was particularly eye-catching in the dark night.

Xia Pingan ran to the burning vehicle and saw two people in the driver’s seat and the co-pilot’s seat, and those two people had already been burned beyond recognition, like coke. I couldn't save it anymore. Look at the burning car. On the side of the body close to the nearest crater, near the fuel tank, there was a huge crack nearly one meter long, and the iron skin of the body was rolled over.

Looking at the crack, Xia Pingan could infer that the reason why the car was burning was probably hit by fragments from the meteorite explosion, and the car was exploded. As a result, no one in the car had time. After getting off the car, he was burned to death in the car.

The reason why the vehicles behind are parked here is because a traffic accident on the road in front blocked the road, and there was a fire meteor from the sky, so in this case, the driver can only abandon it. The car fled.

This road is an ordinary road, and vehicles on the road can turn back to Xinchuan by turning in one direction, which is better than walking by yourself.

Xia Pingan wants to get a car...

Suddenly, Xia Pingan saw that there was an SUV in the driving seat of those cars, and there seemed to be people lying on the broken instrument of the vehicle. In front of the disk.

He hurried over, reached in through the broken window and opened the door.

There is a lot of dark red blood on the dashboard. The driver is a 27-year-old youngster wearing glasses, his face

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