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Glorious Summoner Chapter 79

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There has been a big fire in the forest...

All kinds of animals lose one's head out of fear and run away...

When another burning fire meteorite flew over his head with a loud hong long long sound, it landed in the valley in the distance and brought great movement.

Xia Pingan looked at the prey stepping into her trap, and moved her hands without the slightest hesitation.

Xia Pingan didn't show mercy. As soon as he shot, the two summoners who followed him for a day were instantly in desperation.

Two big nets that came out of summon suddenly dropping from the sky, one big net caught a tiger in front, four slave soldiers, and a big net behind instantly tracked those two summoner live on the net.

At the moment the two big nets fell, the four elite slave soldiers who had been ambushing around also jumped out.

The elite slave soldiers who jumped out did not care about the five prey struggling in the big net in front, but directly took out the guns on their backs and threw the guns at the two in the front nets. A summoner.

The spear of the elite slave soldiers, momentum is big, power is deep, with full shots, and a humanoid ultimate weapon within 50 meters.

"Elite slave soldiers..."

A summoner trapped in the net uttered a scream of horror and despair. He absolutely didn't expect before, Xia Pingan summon The slave soldiers that came out were actually elite slave soldiers.

"pu chi..." Amid the screams, two blood-red shots passed directly through the summoner's chest and abdomen, and instantly nailed the summoner to the ground.

When this summoner died, the four slave soldiers who were still struggling in the big net almost instantly turned into a spot of light and dissipated.

Among the big nets in front, for a while, there was only one tiger trapped by the big net roaring constantly, struggling to rush out of the big net, but trapped by the tiger’s big The net, however, became tighter and tighter under the struggle of the tiger, and the tiger truly became the prey trapped in the net.

When another summoner in the big net throws a gun to his neighbour, he has an extra ice blue water shield in his hand, and a pair of leather armor on his body. The water shield, all of a sudden Those two shots stopped.

Looking at the sudden tragic death of the companion who came with him, the summoner also had to desperately. At the moment when the spear was stopped by the water shield, one hand violently pointed out and roared, "The slave soldier" ......" In a flash of Guanghua, the entire twelve slave soldiers appeared around his body, and the four slave soldiers moved towards Xia Pingan summon rushed over.

The elite slave soldiers who came out of Xia Pingan summon took the second spear in their hands, threw four spears, and instantly killed the four slave soldiers who rushed ove

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