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Glorious Summoner Chapter 83

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"pu Tong..." On Xia Pingan's feet and head, the whole person fell directly into the rolling river.

Even if it fell into the river, the net held by Xia Pingan did not relax.

The river water is very deep, Xia Pingan fell straight into the water without touching the bottom of the river.

Less than a second after he fell, the huge body of the magic fire spider also fell from the cliff, smashing a wave of more than ten meters high.

It is not the same as Xia Pingan falling into the water.

The magic fire spider on the shore is like a fire-breathing tank. When it falls into the water, it is like a piece of red coal and porcelain being thrown into the water. With a sneer, the water surface A large swath of evaporated water vapor rose up.

The magic fire spider tumbling and struggling violently in the water, the water around it was heated by the flame on its body into steaming water vapor, and countless bubbles of gu lu gu lu continued to emerge from the water. come out.

Fortunately, in the rolling river, the water in the river is rolling and surging. If you change to a smaller swimming pool, Xia Pingan will even suspect that the flames on the magic fire spider can turn the swimming pool. The water is boiled dry.

And as the magic fire spider struggles, the net on the magic fire spider's body becomes tighter.

In just a few seconds, Xia Pingan saw the scales comparable to homogeneous steel plates on the body of the magic fire spider, and began to explode one by one in the water, turning into slag and sinking into the water. under.

Such a scene is really shocking.

The water is like a big invisible hand, peeling off the hard and hot shell of the demon fire spider layer by layer, revealing the bloody body under the demon fire spider's shell .

The size of the magic fire spider is too huge, not to mention the power, even if the magic fire spider struggles and rolls in the water, the power is not comparable to Xia Pingan.

The magic fire spider was struggling in the water and wanted to return to the shore. The net of the magic fire spider that had been netted before began to be torn apart a little bit in the struggle of the magic fire spider.

Seeing this situation, Xia Pingan certainly wouldn’t be dead. Pulling the net, he quickly swam from the water to the side of the magic fire spider, and climbed directly on the huge head of the magic fire spider. He took out a dagger and exhausted all his strength, fiercely moved towards the head of the magic fire spider.

In the rolling river, the water around the magic fire spider is still much hotter than the surrounding water, about forty degrees. Fortunately, the water in the river is living water, the magic fire spider It was not enough to boil all the running water in the river, so the water did not burn Xia Pingan.

The hard

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