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Glorious Summoner Chapter 82

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"Black dragon, enough..." Seeing that the man's right leg was bloody and fleshy, and a big hole was directly torn out by the black dragon, Xia Pingan opened his mouth gently.

Heilong glared at the man, his mouth let out a low roar, barking, but he retreated obediently, and didn't bite anymore.

The man lay on the ground, wailing loudly. He looked at his injured right leg, then looked at Xia Pingan, his eyes were both frightened and angry.

"You're waiting...I'm never ending with you..." The man hugged his legs, snorted miserably, and screamed at Xia Pingan with a distorted face, "You don't know I am who... …I remembered you…You’re killing a dog…Don’t think you are a summoner and I can’t deal with you…I have money…"

"Wang..." The black dragon yelled. He showed his teeth and wanted to pounce again. The man saw that the black dragon wanted to pounce again, so he closed his mouth quickly, rolled on the ground, and stumbled to his feet.

"Police officer, this man committed a murder with a dog...has hurt me...I want to call the police now...do you care?" the man said loudly to Officer Wang.

Officer Wang looked at the man speechlessly, and replied coldly, "The police can't control the summoner, you can file a complaint..."

"You are waiting..." The man Still sending out ruthlessly.

At this moment, Xia Pingan seemed to feel what she was drinking, and suddenly turned her head, looking towards the direction of the ephedra bushes outside several hundred meters, the complexion changed.

In the bush where the permanent Space Crack is hidden, at this time, it is like a fire is burning, and the light suddenly becomes bright.

Only a few seconds later, there really was a fire. Those bushes burned up. I don’t know what they were lit by. They were particularly conspicuous in the wilderness of the night. Then, a huge silhouette, Appeared after the fire.

It’s not a magic rat, it’s not a sandworm. It’s nearly three meters high and four meters high, with a high bulge on the back, and a body nearly eight or nine meters long. It looks like a huge steel spider at first glance. , Has eight legs, a pair of giant tongs, the body and four branches are covered with black hard scale armor, and there are monsters burning with fire on the scale armor.

That thing is like a tank.

——Magic Fire Spider!

Xia Pingan was startled, and these four words flashed across his head.

This illustration book of space invading creatures, Xia Pingan has seen in the materials of the Order Committee. In the standard of space invasion divided by the Order Committee, as long as a magic fire spider appears, the space invasion The lowest level is G-rank, which is enough to explain the danger of this space invasive creature.

The magic liquid spider that often appears together with the magic fire spider. These two i

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