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Glorious Summoner Chapter 85

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Xia Pingan watched the surroundings and quickly moved towards the crashed helicopter and ran over.

In the scorched helicopter, there are two scorched corpses in the position of the pilot and co-pilot, and there are no other weapons and materials that can be used.

On this meadow, you can see the Xinchuan city in the distance more clearly. The morning sun is still rising, but the Xinchuan city is shrouded in thick smoke, one after The black smoke of another skyrocketed in the urban area, and now many burning buildings can be seen, and many high-rise buildings are fragmented.

Fighting in the field for two consecutive days and experiencing several battles, Xia Pingan’s body at the moment is exhausted, and has suffered serious injuries. His whole body is wet, so he urgently needs to find a place to rest. Replenish your energy and treat your injuries...

more than two hundred meters is a three-story luxury villa in the villa area.

Gray walls, white tiles, chimneys, grasslands in front and back of the villa, private gardens and swimming pools, and a few sculptures. The outside of the villa’s garden is wrought iron fence, which looks like a lot of fraud. It is the place where the rich of Xinchuan live.

Xia Pingan moved towards the villa and ran over.

The glass windows of the villa near the river beach have all been shattered by the explosion. The grass on the grass outside the villa has grown a little vigorously, and it has not been trimmed for more than half a month. There are a lot of fallen leaves, and there is still some mud at the bottom of the pool. Judging from these signs, this big villa should have been unoccupied for a while.

No one lives, just right!

Xia Pingan turned in from the railing outside the villa, crossed the lawn, walked around the villa, came to the back door of the villa, and reached out directly from the broken glass doors and windows. Open the back door and enter the villa. After closing the door, Xia Pingan becomes the temporary host here.

Except for the broken glass beside the door and windows, the inside of this villa is pretty clean and tidy, it looks splendorous and majestic.

Da...Da...Xia Pingan tried the switch of the villa, and found that there was no electricity in the villa as well.

Xia Pingan, who entered the villa, went directly to the kitchen on the first floor.

The water flowing from the huge freezer in the kitchen made the ground a little slippery. It seemed that the ice in the refrigerator had melted after the power went out last night, and then it flowed down.

Opening the refrigerator, Xia Pingan let out a long sigh.

Thank God!

The freezer is full of food.

Sure enough, there is no shortage of food in such a rich family.

The freezer didn’t have electricity last night, so the food in the refrigerator is still

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