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Glorious Summoner Chapter 81

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The policeman who fell on the ground escaped from the dead. After seeing Xia Pingan appear, his two bodies flashed one. The slightly red summon creature shot and killed three magic rats in the blink of an eye, and the whole person was agitated.

"Are you not hurt..." Xia Pingan glanced at the policeman. The policeman looked forty years old, with a beard, middle-aged and fat, some were fat, and he was wearing a patrolman. The gray and blue short-sleeved shirt with a police badge on it.

"It's okay, it's okay..." The policeman stood up quickly, "Are you... the summoner of the Order Committee?"

Xia Pingan nodded.

With the time of speaking, Xia Pingan became conscious, and the two elite slave soldiers rushed in front of the few magic rats that fell on the ground, turning Xia Pingan’s will into action. Ge stabbed out and made a few more strokes on the three demon rats that fell on the ground, causing the three demon rats to come to a chill.

Not only that, the two elite slave soldiers also pierced the Demon Mouse’s head with a long goo, and rummaged in the Demon Mouse’s head to see if there were any boundary beads inside.

The heads of the three demon rats were broken open, and there were no boundary beads inside. Instead, the blood of the demon rats’ brains touched the ground, which looked a little scary, and the police officer’s face was also pale.

While the elite slave soldiers were looking for their brains, Xia Pingan moved towards several people who fell on the ground not far away ran over and checked.

The four people who fell on the ground are all dead. The bodies are terrible, and none of them are alive.

Seeing the appearance of Xia Pingan, the people who had been scattered before carefully surrounded themselves one by one, but still no one dared to approach the corpses of the three magic rats, because everyone knew that the magic rats Even if it is dead, the corpse of the demon rat may carry a lot of viruses and germs. The summoner does not have to worry about it. Once you become a summoner, you will be immune to all diseases. It has strong immunity and will not be infected by these viruses and germs, but ordinary Person has an instinctive fear of these space invading creatures.

In addition to being afraid of the magic mouse on the ground, the two elite slave soldiers who wrecked the body of the magic mouse radiated a faint red light, and those around them also remained vigilant. The elite slave soldiers were barefoot. He was dressed very crudely, with weapons on his hands, no expression on his face, murderous-looking, and silent, just like Barbarian and the killing machine, which made people a little scary.

Just when these people came around, the black dragon each minding their own business moved towards a piece of ephedra bush not far away and ra

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