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Glorious Summoner Chapter 84

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divine symbol is one of the most mysterious, special, weird and powerful skills a summoner can master.

The divine symbol can be displayed through various carriers and artifacts, so that the summoning Spell method mastered by the summoner has many changes and greater formidable power.

Apart from this, the most important ability of this world jewel is to allow the Summoner’s secret mandala to perform many mysterious and powerful functions.

In the summoner community, there is even a saying that the secret mandala without the integration of the divine symbol world beads is an incomplete secret mandala!

Some people even regard the divine symbol world beads as the most important soul world beads and master world beads in the secret mandala.

Among all summoner groups, from ancient times to the present, this world bead has always been one of the world beads that all summoners want to integrate most.

After different summoners successfully integrate this world bead, the number of divine force points obtained is also different. The lesser 20-30 points, the more can reach the fifty-sixty point. No one knows this world bead. What is the most divine force that can be provided? There seems to be no public record of the perfect integration of this bead.

Many summoners call the summoner that can integrate this world bead divine symbol summoner.

Xia Pingan knows that the reason why this Cangjie Boundary Pearl is so special is that Cangjie is the god of Chinese characters and has many first names in history. Cangjie is the first creation in Chinese history. The man of writing is also the first historian of the Yellow Emperor. He is the Ancestral Master of the Chinese historian. He is the recorder and witness of the Chinese civilization. At the same time, Cangjie is also known as the first person in China to be called the first master. The first person to be canonized.

The legend of "Luoshu" in "He Chuchu Tu, Luo Chushu" was the first to be received by Cangjie.


Being a summoner for so long, I haven’t exploded the world bead. Xia Pingan didn’t expect that the first world bead that she burst out is so precious and rare. The Cangjie Jiezhu.

Xia Pingan can't find words to describe the excitement in her heart, and it turns out that there is a blessing if you survive a catastrophe.


The rumbling sound of a fighter plane piercing the sky from overhead caused Xia Pingan to quickly put away the world bead on her hand.

Xia Pingan looked up and saw two fighters in the sky moving towards Xinchuan city at a very fast speed.

In the urban area of ​​Xinchuan, guns roared at this moment, and there were violent explosions from time to time.

Xia Pingan took a look at the Xinchuan city area with his remote viewing ability, and was immediately surprised by what she saw in front of

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