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Glorious Summoner Chapter 73

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As soon as Yan Duo left, Xia Pingan plugged the USB flash drive sent by Yan Duo into the computer. Soon, the computer showed the screen of the arena in the fighting arena.

There are dozens of arenas on the fighting arena, as well as various combat training facilities. The fighting on each arena is in a frenzy.

"Is this the monitoring of Mu Qingchen and Li Yunzhou in the arena..."

Xia Pingan muttered to herself, this monitoring screen is very clear, from the monitoring screen On the top, you can see that Li Yunzhou was competing with another person wearing protective gear on a ring at first. Both sides are restrained. Until the point is reached, they are exchanging fighting experience.

But then, Mu Qingchen brought two people to the training ground. After seeing Li Yunzhou, he jumped directly into the ring and said something to Li Yunzhou, which seemed to irritate Li Yunzhou. When Li Yunzhou took off his protective gear and fell into the ring, Mu Qingchen also entered the ring and began to undress.

Many people gathered around to watch the excitement. Only a few minutes later, the two sides began to compete in the ring.

The contest at this time is much more fierce. Both are fast, accurate, and ruthless, exactly like a life and death battle.

Li Yunzhou is not weak in the summoner of the Xianghe City Order Committee. Xia Pingan has seen Li Yunzhou's skills, but compared with Mu Qingchen, Li Yunzhou did not last long.

Mu Qingchen’s power is too great, especially when sweeping his legs, momentum is big, power is deep. The power raised by that leg is at least 1300kg, just like a sword and axe, Li Yunzhou After using the defense several times and receiving a few tricks, the rhythm of the whole person was disrupted by Mu Qingchen's attack.

In addition to the strength on the legs, Mu Qingchen's physical fitness, in terms of speed and response, also surpassed Li Yunzhou in an all-round way.

This is the advantage of the physical fitness brought by the divine force initiation, unless it is the Innate Divine Strength like the slaughter, otherwise for the general summoner, the difference in the value of the divine force is also It indirectly reflects the difference in physical fitness between the two sides.

A few minutes later, Li Yunzhou was kicked directly by Mu Qingchen and broke his arm. He rolled from the ring and fell to the ground.

This contest also ends.

After watching the surveillance video, Xia Pingan also knows why Mu Qingchen is so mad, and indeed has mad capital.

Next, Xia Pingan slowed down the surveillance video, and watched it more than ten times at a speed of 1/4 to see all the subconsciously reactions of Mu Qingchen's body during every attack and every attack. , Every trace of expression changes, the coordination of body muscles, standing posture, habitual

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