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Glorious Summoner Chapter 76

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Yan Duo was also stunned in the audience. He looked at Mu Qingchen who fell on the ground and rubbed his eyes.

At that moment, between in a flash, it was like Mu Qingchen and Xia Pingan had practiced with each other hundreds of times. It was so damn simple and neat, and Xia Pingan was on the same time. In the previous step, he protected his head with both hands, kicked out from the foot, offensive and defensive, thousands of hammers, hundred refinements, while receiving Mu Qingchen's fierce kick, it instantly severely wounded Mu Qingchen.

Xia Pingan's move was the perfect solution to Mu Qingchen's attack. Even when he came to power, it was impossible to defeat Mu Qingchen so simply and neatly.

Did the two have discussed it?

Yan Duo couldn't help but wonder, just glanced at the leg of Mu Qingchen who had fallen on the ground and had passed out. Yan Duo couldn't help feeling a chill in his back. Mu Qingchen was not disfigured this time. , But his left leg is absolutely useless, and I don't know when he can recover.

It's not a negotiated one, unless it is Xia Pingan who calculates that Mu Qingchen will use this move to attack, and has already figured out a plan to deal with it, otherwise it is impossible to be so neat and perfect.

The entire training ground is quiet.

No one thought that this contest would end in such a way. The match was at first and the winner was decided in just one second.

If it was just a real life and death battle, Mu Qingchen is now dead, Xia Pingan kicked the leg on his face, change it, kick it behind the ear or at the temple. A little bigger, or a little lower, can kick his head burst, or kick his cervical spine, not just a few teeth.

Mu Qingchen was killed by Xia Pingan in one move, and fell to the ground with severe injuries, unconscious.

fuck, Xia Pingan is the real fierce person!

The other summoners of Subduing Demon Guard looked at Xia Pingan at this time, and their eyes changed.

"Send the injured person to the hospital..." The old man's voice sounded calmly, and the people in the hall suddenly woke up.

After saying this, the old man stood up and took a deep look at Xia Pingan on the ring. Without saying a word, he turned and left the training ground.

Xia Pingan also got dressed, and calmly left the training ground. In a salute of attention, he continued to go downstairs to carry out his 400-meter military obstacle.


Only two minutes later, in the indifferent office of the Xianghe City Order Committee, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, everyone was originally here waiting for news Yes, one by one was worried, but the news that was waiting made Yi Gan also stunned, thinking whether he had heard it wrong.

Until Moyan Shaotuo sent over the surveillance video of the game, everyone believed it was true.

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