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Glorious Summoner Chapter 72

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didn't expect Yan Duo that guy actually made such a suggestion, Xia Pingan didn't know whether to cry or laugh, and didn't know whether to say he was provide timely help or profiting from somebody's misfortune.

"That guy’s body battle strength is coming to an Origin Realm soon, have you ever played?"

"My body battle strength is already an Origin Realm. It’s just that I’m a low-key person and I don’t want to publicize it everywhere. You say I can’t beat him?” Yan Duo’s voice on the phone was a little proud, “If I don’t have two brushes, how could the old man let me form a Yanziying camp? "

Xia Pingan has never seen Yan Duo make a move. Didn't expect that Yan Duo's body battle strength has actually reached an Origin Realm, which surprised Xia Pingan.

"Are you not afraid to offend Gao Family and Mu Qingchen?"

"I've long seen that rubbish is not pleasing to the eye. As for Gao Family, if you offend it, you are offended. Although Gao Family There is power, but Yizhou Province is not the only word of Gao Family, Gao Family also has to think about the consequences of offending Yan Duo, I am afraid he is a bird!" Yan Duo's tone was very confident.

"Thanks, I will take care of this myself, right, there should be surveillance video in the fighting arena above?"

"Of course!"

"Send me the surveillance video from the contest between Mu Qingchen and Li Yunzhou!"

"Okay, I'll send it to you in a while!"

"Please also One thing about you, didn’t we see a divine force world bead last time when we went to the Facebook club, 5.8 million, after fusion, you can empower your body and increase your strength..."

"Ah, I But you have no money, don't worry about me..." Yan Duo immediately screamed vigilantly on the phone.

"Only 5.8 million, don’t you still have 10 million..."

"Ah, what are you talking about, I can’t hear, I’m going into the tunnel, the signal here is not so good Ok..."

No matter what Yan Duo called on the phone, Xia Pingan continued, "Just as if you borrowed 5.8 million from me, help me buy that divine force world bead for the next task. I'll pay you back if I make money, or else I will have a money-making mission to find the devil in the future, so don't come to me!"

Xia Pingan immediately hung up the phone.


"Toot toot..." In the room, Yan Duo listened to the blind tone on the phone, his eyes twitched twice, and he cursed directly. "You bastard, when I am Yan Duo is your assistant, so drag, the money you earned is given to your sister, but I want to lend you the money to buy the jade beads. What kind of shit is this,

I want to borrow money from Lao Tzu and I want Lao Tzu to help you work, and this attitude is not because you have a good dog. A bastard who relies on a dog is not uncommon, and I do not have you. You can still take on the task of making money,

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