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Glorious Summoner Chapter 78

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August 15, 2019, this day, Zhongyuan Festival, is both the 15th day of the solar calendar and the 15th day of the lunar calendar.

In the past, for all summoners, this day was a day worth celebrating, but today is different.

At night, a blood-red full moon appeared in the sky, as if it had been wiped with blood.

After entering the night, the sky of Great Yan Nation became blood-red under the shining of the blood moon, and the depressive breath came from the sky, making the earth silent and silent at this time. The noisy insects all keep quiet out of fear and don’t tweet.

The birds refused to return to their nests. It was already night. But everywhere in the world, flocks of birds flew in the sky, screaming constantly.

In one day today, dozens of bird collisions with planes have occurred all over the world.

All over the world, dolphins and whales in the sea washed up on the beach and stranded.

Billions of locusts, like black clouds, covering the sky, rushed to the cities of Africa and Nanguangzhou, violently hitting the tall buildings in the city, the corpses of the locusts Falling from the sky like raindrops, the glass windows of more than one building were smashed by locusts. The locusts invaded the building from the broken windows, biting and ramming.

Many cities are plunged into huge chaos due to the invasion of locusts.

When I turn on radio, TV and various online media, I see all kinds of news that make people feel trembling.

In the cities where riots occurred before, today, the riots have reached a climax.

Various small videos that spread quickly on the Internet amplify people’s panic in an instant.

Europe, Asia, Gwangju...

China, Yan Country, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, the Middle East...

In the command center of the space invasion, the presidents, prime ministers, prime ministers, ministers of defense and other great characters are all watching the real-time monitoring images from the satellite with fear and trembling.

The huge Space Crack that appeared over the Asia-Europe continent began at 19:33 p.m. Beijing time and 14:33 p.m. GMT, and it began to expand rapidly. It was originally 7,000 The multi-kilometer-long Space Crack more than doubled in less than half an hour, becoming more than 15,000 kilometers, shrouded in the sky over the entire Eurasian continent.

At the same time, in the sky of Gwangju, Africa and other places, one after another huge Space Crack began to appear. These Space Cracks are all over the sky, just like the scarlet vines extending in the sky. Connected little by little, gradually connecting a large area.

At 9:30 pm in Yanjing time, from the ground of Beiguangzhou, in the sky, a huge Space Crack that traverses north and south and reaches more than 10,000 kilometers in length has been cracked.

The sky is li

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