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Glorious Summoner Chapter 74

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King Yiyang was anxious to write down King Ning’s guilt, but did not pay attention to what table it was. Seeing that the pen and ink had been lifted up, he picked up the pen and was there. The person on shua~ shua~ shua~ wrote a lot of Ning's "guilt". After drying the paper, he handed the paper to Xia Pingan, "Lord Han can see clearly now, Ning is about to rebel !"

Xia Pingan took the "guilt" and read it again, and immediately said with a serious face, "As King Yiyang said, the official must report King Ning's rebellion to the Imperial Court... "

When Xia Pingan said that he was going to play the Imperial Court, King Yiyang was finally satisfied. He nodded and stood up, "Okay, the king will wait for your news..."

Yiyang King Zhu Dianhao left after speaking.

Looking at the departure of Yiyang King Zhu Dianji, and then look at the "Zia Pingan shook the head" written by Yiyang King Zhu Dianji himself.

This Yiyang King Zhu Dianhao might not have imagined that he falsely accused Ning King Zhu Dianpei of rebellion and caused King Ning to die. After that, the Imperial Court sent an imperial mission to investigate, and he swayed again and ate a bit of King Ning. After giving the sweetness, the relationship with King Ning eased, and he denied that he had ever sue King Ning. He immediately pushed Han Yong to the fire and almost turned Han Yong into a serious crime of false accusation against the Prince.

But just ten years later, that is, the fifth year of Ming Yingzong Tianshun, he will be caught by Court Eunuch Lu Gao and falsely accuse him of having a mother and son messing up. Finally, the mother and son were gifted to death by Yingzong.

In ten years, Daming’s Imperial Court things have remained the same, but people have changed. The prince who once wanted to falsely accuse others was finally falsely accused and died. He became the first prince of the Ming Dynasty to die under Court Eunuch.

The law of causality in history is sometimes such a drama. It is impossible for the sky to be eyeless, and the person who harms others will eventually harm yourself.

"Han Yong can pretend to be deaf, how can the sky have no eyes..." Xia Pingan said softly with emotion.

"My lord, if the case of King Ning’s rebellion is found out, that would be a great achievement!" The counsellor master next to Han Yong immediately entered the living room through the side door. The master has been outside the door just now. Excited.

"A great piece of work?" Xia Pingan shook the head, "This Yiyang King's shape may be the ecstatic Bai Ling's poisonous wine. Originally, I didn't want to see Yiyang King because I was afraid of him. Make things happen, now this thing has come, I can’t hide it..."

"Where did the lord say this?"

"What is your Majesty's last name?"


"What is the surname of King Ning

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