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Glorious Summoner Chapter 77

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Time is like the sand in an hourglass, passing day by day.

After competing with Muqing Morning Challenge, Xia Pingan's days in the province began to calm down. There were no more moths, and no one came to find faults. Every day was training, reading, and occasionally Call Xia Ning.

As for Li Yunzhou, it is estimated that he is a little bit unsatisfied. Two days after Xia Pingan and Mu Qingchen challenged him, he returned to the Xianghe hospital for recuperation.

After Li Yunzhou left, in the entire Subduing Demon Guard, except He Yanduo, almost no one was willing to take the initiative to talk to Xia Pingan at the risk of making enemies, and it was a leisurely life.

June passed in the blink of an eye, and the time unconsciously came to July.

July is the day of the college entrance examination for the senior high school students in Dayan Country.

On the 6th, 7th, and 8th of July, the national entrance examination of Yan Guo was high, which attracted worldwide attention. However, the students who were eligible to integrate with Jiezhu selected by Yizhou Province in the physical examination of the college entrance examination this year, because of the benefits The states and provinces have relaxed the standards, and the number of students selected has doubled compared with previous years. This has become the biggest news in the Great Yan Country in July.

Apart from this, starting from the end of June, all parts of Yizhou Province began to intensively hold various exercises against space invasion.

The exercises here are in full swing, and from late June to July, there has been a very abnormal phenomenon around the world. For almost a month, countries around the world have not experienced a space invasion. Event, even the lowest H-class space invasion did not occur.

Many media are still cheering, thinking this is a good sign.

Xia Pingan feels more and more urgent and wrong. The calm in July seems to Xia Pingan more like the negative pressure effect in the fire.

In addition to the absence of space invasion, the eyes of the devil, which had been active in the past, suddenly died after entering late June. In July, the eyes of the devil were completely silent.

This calm reveals a weirdness, which is not a good thing. The entire Yizhou Subduing Demon Guard is already on the verge of an enemy.

By July 21st, the global extreme weather and geological disaster activities began to increase rapidly. More than a dozen volcanoes in Hawaii and the east of Dayan began to erupt on this day, and tens of millions of people were affected. .

Floods and landslides in southern Peru flooded countless villages.

Japan encountered a tsunami, and many coastal cities were flooded.

Several volcanoes erupted in Indonesia.

Many European countries have encountered rare tornadoes

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